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What is an MMO RPG and what should players who have never encountered this genre know



The MMO RPG genre is a format of online games in which players are offered the same concept of the world and story narrative, where the player chooses one of a variety of characters and begins his journey of leveling up, adventures, raids, battles between players, and grind.

You can choose your race and class according to your preferences and choose according to your play style.

This can be an attacking, defensive, or tanking character.

Leveling up

The largest MMO RPG projects are built on numerous levels of pumping.

Experience can be gained through story and side quests, grinding – hunting monsters, raids, or buy WoW boost, or any other MMO game from the Skycoach service.


The general leveling system often relies on quests and tasks, because with their help it is much easier for developers to provide players with a step-by-step guide to the main mechanics, tell the main storyline and provide gradual strengthening of heroes so that players can simply enjoy the gameplay and follow the basic rules, to adapt your hero and look for new features and ideas in order to receive World of Warcraft boosting on your own terms.

You must complete various tasks and receive a clear and precise reward for completing them. This is the most consistent way to gain levels and gold because you always know your goals and the amount of rewards you will receive. The only thing you need is to fulfill all the conditions as quickly as possible in order to pass the quest and gain experience and gold.

You will also always have access to additional orders – these are various small tasks from local NPCs that can and should be completed in parallel with system tasks.

Attacking characters complete quests easier because they can easily deal with any enemies; it is more difficult for supports and tanks, but this is the only way to consistently receive an increase in experience and gold, relying only on your own strength.


This is a leveling format that is considered one of the most important options for gaining experience and boosting WoW and other games.

You just come to the game locations and start destroying monsters to gain experience, gold, resources and materials, as well as equipment and weapons, if you are lucky.

It is important to find a hunting location where monsters will live, 3–5 levels higher than you. This is enough to maximize the experience gain and the likelihood of receiving a valuable item.

Here you can hunt until you completely outgrow the local monsters, then you can change territories and develop your hero further.

We must immediately warn you that the grind format is more suitable only for those characters who can quickly destroy monsters using regular attacks or mass skills.

Attacking heroes – magicians, archers, warriors – cope best with this.

Tanks and healers take too long to beat monsters to be able to grind with their leveling system, but they can solve this problem by simply leveling up within the group.


Most MMO RPGs include raid mechanics – dungeons in which monsters and a boss live.

Players assemble fireteams and complete raids to gain increased experience and rare rewards in the form of high-ranking weapons, equipment, and accessories that are nearly impossible to obtain otherwise.

Players will gather in groups, where each character will have their own tasks and conditions in which they can succeed.

The boss will constantly use attacks of increased strength and special skills that are needed in order to complicate the passage of the raid for the group and protect their treasures.

Players who defeat one boss will unlock the opportunity to fight a stronger version of the dungeon lord and so on up to Mythic level – a difficult but rewarding dungeon format that will yield a lot of trophies and WoW boosting if you manage to win.


Most MMO RPGs are complex and systematic in terms of gaining experience and levels, and to get to the most interesting content you really need to put in a lot of effort.

You can significantly speed up this process by resorting to legal and not-so-legal boosting of World of Warcraft and other projects.

You find a player or a professional service that will take your character on a hunt and destroy monsters in large numbers so that your hero progresses very quickly and does it much faster than if he were engaged in a solo or even group hunt.

A service like Skycoach approaches the issue more thoroughly and eliminates the need for your participation in the process. You simply transfer your account to the service under guarantees of security and anonymity and will go about your business until you receive a notification that the character has increased its level to the desired value, and you can log into the account and see the result.

All drops that the booster receives during the process of performing the service remain on the character as a bonus.

Conclusions on MMO RPGs that you need to know before starting the game

MMO RPG is a genre with its own bright and thoughtful game world, in which the player follows the rules and plot, but he chooses his hero and class himself.

You yourself decide how to level up your hero and whether you need to follow all the quests and events; the most curious players can simply explore the territory, destroy dangerous monsters and simply study the game mechanics that the project developers have recreated for them.

This may well be trade, or the creation of objects. Many players are not engaged in boosting WoW at all, but in producing and earning gold.

If you nevertheless choose to upgrade, then in the first stages everything will go quickly, but of little value in terms of rewards, but gradually the level of difficulty and degree of rewards will increase and the gameplay itself will become much more interesting and profitable, but also more difficult.

You can choose between leveling through the quest system for steady gains, grinding for adventure and exploration, raiding for challenging tasks and increasing the overall value of the rewards for your efforts, and boosting to improve your gaming potential through players and services.

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