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Who Is Joji’s Ex-Girlfriend? Is he Dating Doja Cat?




Who Is Joji’s Ex-Girlfriend? Is he Dating Doja Cat?

When we mention George Kusunoki Miller, many of us might not be aware of who we are talking about, unless you are a huge fan. We are talking about Joji, a famous Japanese singer, songwriter, rapper, and social media personality.

Known for his soulful and heartfelt lyrics and enigmatic voice, Joji rose to fame with his debut album, Pink Season, and is also known for the YouTube videos he started posting in 2014. You might know him currently for his song “Glimpse of Us”, which took the world up by storm, thanks to the beautiful lyrics and the even better music video.

While Joji’s professional life is up on the internet and up for public scrutiny, there’s not much information about his personal life, so if you are curious about his love life, this article is for you.

Who is Joji’s ex-girlfriend?

Joji, despite his public persona, has managed to conceal his private and love life away from the clutches of the audience. This is one of the reasons why there isn’t much information about Joji’s dating history, especially the infamous ex-girlfriend that most alludes to the song, Glimpse of Us.

Although not much is known at this point, it is rumored that Joji has dated his fair share of women from the same professional background as his. However, we don’t have any legitimate sources to confirm or deny any names yet.

Is Joji Dating Doja Cat?

Besides her amazing songs, Doja Cat has often found herself in the middle of multiple controversies. A similar incident happened with Joji on Twitter, where “he” posted a photo citing the fact that he is aware that Doja has a crush on him and that’s who he is sharing the photo for.

Rebutting against that tweet, Doja tweeted that’s not the case at all and there is nothing between them. She doesn’t have any feelings or thoughts about Joji.

However, things soon fizzled out when people on Twitter found that the initial tweet was made by a “fan account” of Joji and not Joji himself, further clearing out the air.


Does Joji write songs about his ex-girlfriends?

With songs being quite personal, it is hard to say which songs mean what. However, Joji has been quite upfront about his previous songs and if we go through the lyrics, it won’t be a surprise at all if some of his songs are in fact about his ex-girlfriend.

How many people has Joji dated in the past?

Despite his rise to fame and his growing popularity, Joji has managed to keep his private life away from the shackles of the internet. This is one of the reasons why no one to this day has an idea who Joji is dating or was dating in the past.

Is Joji dating someone in the music industry?

Many people have speculated before that Joji is likely dating someone from the music industry, which isn’t the case. Even if he was dating someone in the music industry, it would be impossible to detect since he keeps his private life away from the media circus.

Was Joji dating Lily May Mac?

There were speculations in the past that Joji was likely dating Lily May Mac, however, those rumors were driven off the charts soon. There is no confirmation about the rumors from either side.


At this point, there are no reports as to who Joji is dating. According to public information, Joji is currently single, so we can very well hope for some amazing heartfelt songs our way in the future. In case there are any reports regarding Joji’s dating life, be assured that the same will be updated first.

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