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Raquel Pedraza Current Dating History Following Divorce from Taylor Fritz




Raquel Pedraza Current Dating History Following Divorce from Taylor Fritz

If you are an avid fan of tennis, you likely know who Raquel Pedraza and Taylor Fritz are. Not only are they two of the most popular professional tennis players, but they are also known for being married and being one of the most celebrated couples in the tennis world.

Despite the kind of popularity they garnered by themselves and being a couple, recent reports suggest that the two have split up and divorced. Taylor is currently dating Morgan Riddle, according to rumors and there isn’t much information available about Raquel Pedraza’s current dating life.

If you are inquisitive, we have sorted out all the important takeaways in this article for you to refer to.

Raquel Pedraza and Taylor Fritz Divorce

As public as Raquel Pedraza and Taylor Fritz’s relationship was, the couple had a very private divorce. There isn’t much information available about the two following their split.

However, reports suggest that Raquel moved in with her parents in Fountain Valley, California, following her divorce from Taylor Fritz. Irrespective of everything, both Raquel and Taylor have created a name for themselves in their respective professional fields, with a steady net worth.

Who is Taylor Fritz dating after Divorce?

Although there isn’t much information about Raquel’s dating life following her split from Taylor, rumors have it that Taylor Fritz is currently back in the dating game and is in a relationship with his new girlfriend, Morgan Riddle.

If you aren’t aware, Morgan is a popular Instagram model and influencer. The couple has made their relationship Instagram public and has shared cute snaps and images of them together on their respective social media platforms.

As for their age difference, Taylor is only a year older than Morgan. Reports suggest that Morgan was born in Minnesota but later completed her college in New York City. It was her passion for marketing and storytelling that led her to leverage social media for content creation.


Although Taylor Fritz has his recent dating life out in the public, there are no reports as to who Raquel Pedraza is dating following her divorce. Although not much is known about her, all we hope is that she’s living a content life, surrounded by people that she loves. If you were inquisitive about Raquel’s dating life following her divorce, we hate to disappoint but there is not much information available out in the public yet.

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