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Willy Woo Net Worth 2022: Top Bitcoin Analyst




Willy Woo Net Worth

Willy Woo is an on-chain analyst and investor with an estimated net worth of $10 million. Born in New Zealand, the laid back kiwi has 15 years experience running startups (such as Hypersheet). Previously an angel investor and a trader during the 2008 financial crash. Well-known within the crypto sphere for his detailed analysis and articulate opinions, he regularly appears on podcasts to share his thoughts.

Woo first heard about Bitcoin in 2013 while running a startup. The cryptocurrency stoked his interest and he purchased his first BTC. During this time, Bitcoin was trading between $50-$260 per coin. There’s no doubt, investing in Bitcoin was extremely risky but he reaped the rewards! Around Bali he noticed a thriving Bitcoin community in 2014, which encouraged him to dig deeper into researching it’s potential. By 2016, Woo was a full-time researcher in the industry, funded by his own money.

In the early days, Woo built up his reputation writing for websites such as Forbes and CoinDesk. This allowed him to attract a large following online, with over 550,000 followers on Twitter. Willy Woo is regarded as one of the top Bitcoin analysts along with the likes of Lyn Alden, Dan Held and Anthony Pompliano.

He runs a newsletter at called ‘The Bitcoin Forecast’. As the name suggests, Woo’s weekly newsletter predicts the price of Bitcoin using blockchain data. Analysing on-chain data is highly complicated but Woo is a pioneer in the industry. The subscription costs $50 per month and is worth every penny if you’re a serious investor.

Bitcoin Price Prediction

Willy Woo predicts Bitcoin will reach a price of $300,000 – $400,000 by December 2021. This prediction was made before BTC crashed 40% but he remains bullish on Bitcoin’s future price movements. The bull market is certainly not over for 2021 but investors will need to wait a few months for the king of crypto to break past all time highs.

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