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Wonderland Magazine Net Worth 2023: The Term “Wonder” in Wonderland Defines The Magazine




Wonderland Magazine Net Worth

Those who are consistent with the show, Dragon’s Den, will be familiar with Wonderland Magazine. Yes! You are right! It’s the most famed bi-monthly Magazine in England. 

Fashion is a form of self-expression. The dressing can make one uncomfortable or confident. Anything stepping out of its stereotypical state makes society worry or criticize. However, Dragon’s Den is not the kind of show that pitched on fashion, but they did.

Come along with is and study ‘Wonderland Magazine, and its journey of becoming a wonderful Magazine.

About the Founder 

Huw Gwyther was a photographer of Mario Testino’s studio and a former managing director of New York Magazine “V,” relocated to the UK in 2003 to start a fresh, distinctive publication for well-to-do professionals – from this idea the name ‘Wonderland’ was born. Following a discussion of Huw’s concept with Business Link for London, his advisor recommended he apply to the Access to Finance program.

Godwin Ohajah of Satsuma Consultancy – a private sector business support provider, supported Huw and ensured he understood different perspectives of business helping him to develop the right business plan including all important cashflow forecasts. 

However, Satsuma pushed him forward to participate in the BBC 2 program “Dragon’s Den,” where, he received the largest investment of $223052 from one of the Dragons – Peter Jones, which remains the biggest single investment on the programme.

Founding the Wonderland Magazine 

Wonderland Magazine had an incredibly modest origin. It is a British bimonthly publication with headquarters in Notting Hill, London, and is focused on popular culture, fashion, and way of life covering both men and women of all ages. 

After pitching the idea on the first season of the British television program Dragons’ Den in late 2004, Editor Huw Gwyther founded it in September 2005. New content is added daily to Wonderland’s cutting-edge website, including unique ground-breaking “fashion films” that are exclusive to Wonderland. Kirsten Dunst, Alexander Skarsgard, Carey Mulligan, Janet Jackson, Zac Efron, and Megan Fox have all graced the covers of Wonderland Magazine.

On Dragon’s Den 

In September 2004, when the concept of a high-end fashion Magazine was introduced by Huw Gwyther, the Dragons were not willing to anticipate pitching for a Magazine publication. Therefore, there wasn’t much enthusiasm in the room. However, the respective investors were taken aback by Huw’s design skills and his enthusiasm for fashion.

Peter Jones was the lone investor who took a chance on Wonderland Magazine. In exchange for a 40% ownership part in the Magazine, Peter pledged to invest which was approved by Gwyther. Jones’ funding allowed Gwyther to establish Wonderland Magazine on a premier level and launched other fashion publications like Man About Town and Rollercoaster.

After Dragon’s Den 

Today, Wonderland Magazine became impressively wealthy in 2022 with a net worth of $280 million. It is titled one of the largest commercial triumphs to emerge from the Dragon’s Den. The magazine generates $43 million in revenue each year. Peter Jones is still a shareholder of the Magazine.

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