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8 Yellowjackets Theories That Make Sense




8 Yellowjackets Theories That Make Sense

With the Yellowjackets season 3 in the making, lots of creative ideas are popping up about what might happen in the popular Showtime thriller. The last episode of season 2 left us with many questions about what happened to the girls who were stuck in the wild for more than a year. 

The show is about a high school girls’ soccer team whose plane crashed in remote Canada. It shows their struggle to survive and get out of the forest. 

We don’t have much information about season 3, but the show has dropped some hints about what might happen next. Fans are really curious about the next season, and this curiosity is making them come up with all kinds of theories. Let’s take a look at some of those theories.

1. The Symbol Is A Yellowjacket

Many ideas exist about the Yellowjackets symbol, but one theory suggests it represents a literal yellowjacket. The circle represents the insect’s head, and the triangle is the body. The smaller lines are the wings, and the single line is the stinger. 

Linking the symbol to a basic mascot brings interesting thoughts. It could imply a human created it, or it might hint at something more mysterious, like supernatural forces. It is also possible that a stranded girl designed, or the wilderness itself predicted the team’s misfortune by creating the Yellowjackets symbol as a dark omen.

2. Van Still Believes In The Darkness

As Van grows older, it seems like she is not as openly committed to Lottie’s supernatural ideas. However, there are small signs that she might still believe in them secretly. For example, she insists that the other women shouldn’t leave the compound without talking to Lottie.

It’s possible that as an adult, Van just does a better job of keeping her beliefs to herself compared to when she was a teenager. But when she first sees Lottie again, her expressions suggest that her old feelings are still there. Since Van got deeply involved in occult thinking when they were stranded, she might still see Lottie as a connection to mysterious forces.

3. Adam’s Connection To The Survivors Is Different Than You Might Think

In the Yellowjackets fandom, there’s a big question regarding the identity of Adam, who forms a suspicious relationship with Shauna. Many believe that Adam is the grown-up Javi Martinez, planning to harm the surviving Yellowjackets for some unknown reason.

However, another theory suggests that Travis and Jackie could be Adam’s parents. A user speculated that Jackie might try to get back at Natalie by having a relationship with Travis. However, others quickly dismissed this theory because of Adam’s age. He looks older than 25 years.

4. The Pit Girl Is Not A Girl At All

A major mystery in the show revolves around the identity of the Pit Girl. In the pilot, this character was shown as a survivor of the crash who met an unfortunate end falling into a pit full of spikes. However, there’s a theory suggesting that the survivor might not be a girl but Javi. 

According to a post on Reddit, someone proposed that Javi might have grown out his hair during the 18 months in the wilderness. However, this theory was disproven considering that the Pit Girl wore Jackie’s necklace, and the figure made a high-pitched scream when it fell into the pit.

5. There Are Other Survivors

People are wondering if there are more survivors from the crash apart from the main group of girls we know. The unexpected death in the second season and some minor characters needing more attention make it seem likely that there could be other groups of survivors. 

Some might have stayed near the crashed plane, while others may have found the cabin. The nearby cabin suggests there is a town close by, making us wonder how the girls managed to avoid being rescued or found in the 19 months.

6. Coach Ben Is Alive

Even though it seems like we have met all the adult survivors, season 3 might introduce some unexpected faces. For example: Coach Ben. His mysterious exit from the group in the second season left us wondering about his fate. 

It’s possible that Ben didn’t just survive in the wilderness but instead faked his death to avoid being targeted. Maybe he realized the girls were too far gone and decided to disappear to escape any pursuit through the woods. He could have secretly left or stayed hidden until official help arrived. If he comes back as a revealed survivor in the current timeline, it would add another interesting twist to the next season.

7. Callie Might Commit Patricide

Opinions about Callie, Shauna’s daughter, are mixed among viewers. Some see her as a typical teenager, while others believe she deserves to be blamed for her actions. But the real question is can she be a murderer? 

This question came up when a Redditor noticed a line in the pilot episode where Jeff tells Shauna that he will make sure that their child kills him if he fails to withdraw. This led to the idea that Callie might cause harm to Jeff by the end of the season. Many commenters didn’t see anything in the series so far to suggest that Callie could do such a thing.

8. Darkness Is A Tree Spirit

An intriguing idea for Yellowjackets season 3 is that the mysterious supernatural thing following the girls might be a spooky tree spirit living in the faraway forest. 

A Redditor noticed lots of tree hints in the show, like characters leaning on trees in pictures and Sammy being interested in a creepy tree outside his window. The theory says it’s like an old, evil tree god from Greek stories is watching the trapped characters. If this turns out to be true, it means the woods where the girls are surrounded by a bad spirit, want to kill them.

Final Words

When it comes to Yellowjackets, thinking up theories while waiting for new episodes is kind of needed. The show has proved that anything can happen, from mysterious rituals to cannibalism. As Season 3 gets closer, the theories are getting wilder!

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