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5 YouTuber Pranks That Went too Far!




YouTuber pranks

Today we’re are taking a look five pranks played by YouTubers that went a little too far! Pranks on YouTube are common but there are a few people who go to the extreme either to get revenge or for a viral video and basically those are the kind of pranks that we will be focusing on.

5. Roman Atwood in 2015 uploaded a prank that many say went too far for obvious reasons. The prank consisted of him scaring his wife as he made it seem as though his kid literally exploded. Now although it was all thought out and no one was hurt, it was obviously a huge shock to his wife during the moment.

4. Trollstation who are known for making all sorts of crazy pranks yet this one might have crossed the line is. They made a fake art gallery robbery by taking in fake paintings and pretending to steal them wearing masks in a room full of people. Unfortunately for them, four of them ended up spending some time in jail. I guess those are the consequences for making such crazy and stupid pranks.

3. Logan Paul is known for pranking his brother however this prank in particular may have been taken too far. In this
prank Logan basically turns Jake’s entire pool into slime. To do this he bought around 40 kilos of slime and just dumped it into the pool and up until now the pool is still empty after the prank.

2. Sam Pepper who a few years back uploaded a prank that literally ended his YouTube career. The prank was known
as the killing best friend prank and just from the name itself you can already tell that this was not a good idea. After the prank was uploaded, it was discovered to be fake however either way it was taken way too far.

1. Jake Paul pranked his brother by renting a huge billboard on a very busy road to make fun of Logan. The billboard basically had a picture of Logan with a fake gap-toothed and overall was simply there to get revenge on Logan due to the many pranks that he played on Jake in the past.

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