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Brandon Turner Net Worth in 2023: How Wealthy is the Real Estate Expert?




Brandon Turner Net Worth

If you heard about the podcast BiggerPockets, then you must be familiar with Brandon Turner. He is a real estate expert and the founder of Open Door Capital. He is mainly famous for his real estate books and podcasts.

Turner’s current net worth is estimated at $10 million. If you want to know more about his life history and career, read the post below.

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Early Life

Brandon Turner was born on 9th July 1985, in Washington, DC. However, he was not a millionaire throughout his life. Many of you may not know but he incurred an education debt while studying at Northwestern College.

At 19, he decided to open an oil change service. However, he gave up that idea and worked various odd jobs to earn money. After completing his graduation in 2006, he secured a job at Cold Stone Creamery. Later, he became a bank employee.

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Turner liked watching home improvement shows on TV. During his free time, he watched many of these shows, which eventually inspired him to get into the real estate field.

He bought his first house at the age of 21. He rented out half of the property and lived on the other half. He quickly became successful in this field and expanded his business to 40 units. He realized that he was good at making financial strategies.

To earn more money, he bought various properties like trailer parks, apartments, and others. This helped him earn a good amount of passive income.

In 2013, he was appointed to be the co-host of the financial podcast, BiggerPockets. This further skyrocketed his career and he became one of the top real estate experts on iTunes.

He published multiple books with BiggerPockets. In 2019, he established his own real estate investment company called Open Door Capital.

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Net Worth and Earnings

Turner’s main source of income is real estate. His company is currently managing $650 million worth of properties.

He also generates a large amount of income through book sales and sharing his knowledge on podcasts. His current net worth is $10 million, and it is expected to increase further in the future.

Personal Life

Brandon Turner got married to his wife, Heather in 2014. Since then the two have been together. The couple shares a beautiful baby girl named Rosie. At present, the family is settled in Grays Harbor County, Washington, where they live in a luxurious house.

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1. When did Brandon Turner start investing?

In several interviews, Brandon came out and clarified that he started his investment journey pretty early. His initial investments include real estate investments at the age of 21 where he would buy properties and flip them. Besides that, he is also the author of The Book on Rental Property Investing and The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Real Estate Investing.

2. Why did Brandon Turner leave BiggerPockets?

When asked about why he left BiggerPockets, Brandon clarified that there isn’t anything deep or suspicious about the departure from the podcast. He simply wanted to direct his focus on his family and also his other business, Open Door Capital.

3. Who is the CEO of Open Door Capital?

Brandon Turner is the CEO and founder of Open Door Capital, which is one of the more exclusive businesses of this entrepreneur. It is what helped him rise to the top, bringing his net worth to exponential growth like no other.

4. What is the valuation of Open Door Capital?

Recent reports suggest that Open Door Capital has an estimated valuation of $650 million from managing around 7400 units or more. Their business is consistently expanding, which is enough of a reason why these numbers will grow further in the future.

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