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Joshua Hall Net Worth in 2023: How Does Christina Haack’s Boyfriend Make Money?




Joshua Hall Net Worth

Joshua Hall is a real estate broker based in Austin, Texas. Before becoming a realtor, he worked as a police officer. He is also famous for being the elder brother of The Hills’ actresses Stacie Hall and Jessica Hall.

However, Hall came to the limelight after being spotted with real estate investor and TV star Christina Haack. If you are intrigued to know more about Joshua Hall, read the post below.


Hall was born and raised in Southern California. His father was in the military, due to which the family had to constantly move from one place to another.

As per sources, Hall studied at Quartz Hill High School and completed his graduation in 1999. For his higher education, he attended Santa Monica College.

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At present, Hall is well-known in the real estate sector. However, he has not been a realtor throughout his life. For 16 years of his life, he served as a police officer in Southern California. He chose this job because of his passion to help others.

However, his law enforcement career ended due to his injuries. This is when he entered real estate. Currently, he works as a realtor at Spyglass Realty in Austin, Texas.

He visited the city of Austin in 2017 and completely fell in love with it. This is how he ended up in the real estate biz.

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Net Worth and Earnings

Before becoming a real estate broker, Joshua Hall had a successful career in the law enforcement field. But he had to quit his job due to his injuries.

As a realtor, he earns quite a good income. Although he worked as a police officer for 16 years, the majority of his income is generated from his real estate job.

As per sources, Joshua Hall’s net worth in 2023 is $4 million. He is currently dating Christina Haack whose net worth is $8 million.

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Personal Life

Before meeting Christina Haack, Joshua Hall was a married man. His ex-wife’s name is Chelsea. After their divorce, Hall got involved with Christina Haack, a famous TV star and real estate investor.

The two met at a real estate conference and it was love at a first sight. They made their relationship public after Christina’s divorce from her ex-husband.

Christina mentioned how Hall helped her with her anxiety issues. The two fell for each other instantly and even went on a vacation in Mexico together.

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1. What does Joshua Hall do for a living?

Joshua Austin is a famous real estate agent, who is based out of Austin, Texas. Before breaking the walls in the real estate business, Joshua was previously working as a police officer for 16 years and was stationed in California, United States.

2. Where does Joshua Hall work?

Joshua and his wife Christina Hall reportedly live in Southern California. However, reports suggest that Joshua splits his time between West Coast and Austin. He is currently working at the Foundry Group, alongside four other realtors, contributing to his net worth further.

3. Is Joshua Hall’s wife rich?

Joshua Hall is married to Christina Haack, who is another leading American real estate investor. Not only has Joshua amassed a huge net worth, but his wife also has an equally riveting net worth of over $8 million. 

4. How did Christina Haack meet her new husband?

Reports suggest that Christina and Josh met a few years before they even started dating each other. It was reportedly at a real estate conference, where they didn’t mingle much and just stuck to pleasantries. However, later, they met again, which was when the couple started dating and later got married. They currently live in Southern California.

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