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George Farmer Net Worth 2023: How Rich Is Candace Owen’s Husband?




George Farmer Net Worth

George Farmer is an established businessman from England. He is also famous for being the spouse of political commentator, Candace Owens.

He was the chairman of Turning Point UK. Being a businessman, his current net worth is estimated at a whopping $180 million. If you are curious to know more about his life and career, then this post is for you.

Early Life

George Farmer Thomas is a native of England, London. His parents are Jennifer Potts and Lord Michael Farmer. His exact birth date is not known, but he is assumed to be in his 30s.

As per sources, George has two siblings. But their names and other information are not revealed.

George’s father was a member of the House of Lords and a treasurer of the conservative party. Sources revealed that his father made his fortune by investing in metal industries.

George completed his studies from St Paul’s School in London. Later he joined Oxford University where he obtained a degree in theology.

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After completing graduation, George secured a job in an investment bank. He is been working in the commodity industry for a very long time. Like the rest of his family, he is also a supporter of the conservative party.

In 2016, he took over the chairman position at the Black and White Ball. The same year he became the youngest member of a Leader’s Group to pay annually to get access to the Prime Minister.

At present, he is the CEO of the popular social media app, Parler. Before acquiring the CEO position he was the operating chief of the company. He got this position because of his expertise in finance.

For those who don’t know Parler is an alt-tech social media app which was founded in 2018. The app is widely popular in the United States.

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Net Worth and Earnings

George Farmer belongs from a wealthy family. However, he made his fortune through his own hard work. He started as an employee of an investment bank and went onto become a successful businessman.

He has made a massive wealth over the years. He is currently serving as the CEO at Parler. As per sources, his net worth is around $180 million. This shows how rich he is.

His wife, Candace Owens is equally rich as him. Her net worth is estimated at $25 million.

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Personal Life

As already mentioned once, George Farmer is married to Candace Owens. They first met in 2018 at the soft launch of Turning Point UK. It took interest in each other from the very first day of their meeting.

After dating for less than a year, they decided to tie the knot in August 2019. The two got married in Charlottesville, Virginia. They share two beautiful children, one son and one daughter.

George’s wife is the founder of the Blexit Movement. His wife is often on the headlines because of her controversial political views. For example, gender identity, COVID vaccine, and other issues.

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1. Where did George Farm start his income?

George started his career as an investment banker, where he was working consistently in the commodity industry. Like the remainder of his family, he was also a supporter of the Conservative party and in 2016, he joined Black and White Ball as a chairman. That were the initial days when he kickstarted his income and career.

2. Does George Farm own a company?

According to reports, George Farm is now the founder and CEO of a leading social media company called Parler. Before switching to his current CEO position, George was working as the operating chief in the company, earning his title through his hard work.

3. Is George Farm’s wife rich?

For those who aren’t aware, George Farm is married to Candice Owens, who herself has a net worth of around $25 million. This goes to show that not only is he rich with his $180 million net worth, but his wife is also pretty rich as well.

4. Does George Farm have multiple income sources?

George is currently the CEO of Parler. There are no other reports as to how he earns his money, especially when it comes to the investments that he makes. However, with how steadily his net worth is growing, it is safe to say that he is making good financial decisions.

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