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Scholly Net Worth in 2023 – A Platform Offering Scholarship To Students




Scholly Net Worth

Christopher Gray was born in the city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Gray was brought up in difficult circumstances by a divorced mother who had difficulty finding work. Gray wanted to improve his life by pursuing a degree in entrepreneurship as well as financial management at Drexel University. He ended up spending well over seven months searching for scholarship money, spending the majority of his days writing essays using the facilities in computers in a public library. Gray eventually received approximately 1.3 million dollars as a scholarship amount as a result of his strategy.

The Alabama teen became a skilled person at finding and winning scholarship funds. As a result, he breezed through his years of college and earned a bachelor’s degree. He was able to devote more time to studying because he was not concerned about the fees money – thanks to his huge funding.

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Scholly – An overview

Gray’s experience has enabled him to develop a mobile application that will assist students all over the world with the application process for colleges and universities. He collaborated with several developers like Bryson Alef and  Nick Pirollo; they were later called Scholly co-founders. This application was first made available in the year 2013. It offers genuine scholarships and also assists hundreds of students in completing their college education by offering them appropriate scholarships within minutes. 

Based on parameters such as GPA,  gender, race, and state, the system can generate a customized list of potential scholarships. Scholly assisted students all over Philadelphia in receiving more than 9 million dollars in scholarship money a year following the official launch of the website. Christopher desired to attract international customers, so he usually required more capital to do so.

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Shark Tank

Christopher Gray decided to offer the Sharks 15 percent of his startup company in return for 40,000 dollars to move forward with his plan. Throughout season six, he appeared on the show and fascinated SharkTank shareholders by trying to explain how Scholly exactly works. He piqued the Sharks’ interest even more when he mentioned that far more than 100 million dollars in scholarship money go unclaimed each year. Lori Greiner and  Daymond John, on the other hand, adored the business strategy.

Without the knowledge of how much profit Scholly was making at that time, they banded together to divide the $40,000 investment. This ended up causing quite a commotion since Robert did not intend for the show to turn into a charity. Despite the uproar, the founder of Scholly accepted the offer of Lori and Daymond.

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Net Worth Of Scholly

According to statistical studies, Scholly has an approximate net worth of about 1.5 million dollars. Scholly application has more than 3 million daily users and it has enabled students to win over 100 million dollars in scholarship money, financial assistance, and funds since the year 2015.

Scholly is a well-known scholarship-providing platform, which helps students and graduates to obtain the perfect scholarship funding for their future. Through this, they can concentrate solely on their studies and not worry about the loan or debt they have to pay back.

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1. Who invested in Scholly?

With big dreams, it isn’t surprising that Scholly is one of those brands that appeared on Shark Tank and managed to make it big in a short period. Reports suggest that the company is currently valued at $1.5 million, which is enough of a reason for you to go ahead and confirm its success. Daymond John and Lori Greiner invested in Scholly.

2. What is the status of Scholly?

Scholly is still in business if that’s what you were wondering. Furthermore, following its exit from Shark Tank and after securing good deals, the company is still operating pretty successfully with students helping students gain scholarships across the country.

3. Is Scholly only for American students?

Currently, Scholly is only available for American students. Besides the staple degrees, Scholly also sponsors non-traditional students and adult learners in acquiring good scholarships on the platform. The only catch is that the student has to be pursuing a degree-granting program.

4. How many downloads has Scholly had?

Reports from Crunchbase suggest that the Scholly app has over 20,000 downloads. Besides their staple scholarship apps, their Scholly Math app is also a popular download among students. There are no reports if the company earns anything when their users download their app.

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