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Simply Good Jars Net Worth in 2023: After Shark Tank Update




Simply Good Jars Net Worth

When we think of fast food, fried items, and other junk food items are the first things to come to our mind. But Simply Good Jars are a different kind of fast food. You will not come across this kind of fast food in all places.

Simply Good Jars is all about eating healthy on the go. They offer healthy salad packed in jars. When you have no time to eat breakfast, just grab a jar of Simply Good Jars and enjoy a healthy snack on your way.

Simply Good Jars was founded by Jared Cannon and received a deal from two sharks. After pitching the product on Shark Tank, the estimated net worth of the company is around $6 million.

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Shark Tank Pitch

The pandemic period was extremely rough for Cannon’s start-up. He was losing a lot of money every year. With the hope of saving his business, he appeared on the twelfth season of Shark Tank. He came in with a deal of 7% equity for $500,000.

Two sharks Lori Greiner and Kevin O’Leary were very impressed by his product. They joined forces and offered Cannon a counter deal of 9.5% equity in exchange for $500,000.

After discussing for some time, Cuban proposed Lori a deal of 10% equity for $500,000. Lori agreed and the deal was done.

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After Shark Tank

After the airing of the Shark Tank episode, Simply Good Jars received over 750,000 inquiries. It skyrocketed the sales of the company to a new height. Instead of looking for funds, Cannon focused on sales. They also struck a deal with two big companies like GoPuff and Wawa.

Simply Good Jars salad is also available on the official website. It includes a range of tasty salads to eat on the go. The product has received very good ratings. In 2023, the estimated net worth of the company is around $6 million.

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About the Founder

Jared Cannon is a qualified chef from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He completed his chef training at the Culinary Institute of America. He acquired his bachelor’s degree from Florida International University. After that, he completed his MBA from Temple University.

He started his career as a professional chef and secured a job at Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant. Later, he became the head cook in Bistro 821. After some time, he started working at The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company.

In 2012, he became the executive chef at Iron Hill. He held the same position later at Tria and Di Bruno Bros.

In 2015, he started working for the Honeygrow chain of restaurants. Two years later, he established Simply Good Jars and introduced a range of salads in reusable containers. Buyers can return the jars to a partner store, so the business can donate a meal to the hungry.

Cannon promoted his product by putting it into coolers and vending machines in busy areas. By 2020, he made sales of around $475,000. During the pandemic, he started selling his product at convenience stores.

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1. How did Simply Good Jars do after Shark Tank?

If you are not sure, Simply Good is a brand specializing in pre-prepared salads that are based out of Philadelphia. Ever since its appearance on Shark Tank, the brand has gained immense growth and popularity among the audience. The brand now works in collaboration with Wawa where they sell the product at around 30 of their locations.

2. Is Simply Good Jars successful?

Right after their appearance on Shark Tank, Simply Good Jars witnessed around 1200% boost in their sales. This was not just unexpected but the appearance did give the brand the kickstart it needed to be where it is today.

3. How much has Simply Good Jars made?

Following their popularity from the initial appearance on Shark Tank, the brand’s revenue reportedly has grown to $4.2 million as of August 2022. The profit has been pretty consistent ever since their collaboration with Wawa.

4. Who are the owners of Simply Good Jars?

The founder of Simply Good Jars that appeared on Shark Tank is Jared Cannon. His idea was perceived pretty well by the Sharks and they witnessed a steep rise in their sales after appearing on the episode of Sharp Tank.

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