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Max Keiser’s Latest Net Worth in 2023




Max Keiser's Latest Net Worth

Max Keiser is a financial broadcaster and investor with a net worth of $250 million as of 2021. The funnyman grew up in New York and studied theatre at New York University. As there wasn’t big money in theatre, he took various in radio and stand-up comedy to get by. In the 1980s, he took a part-time job as a stockbroker for Paine Webber which sparked his interest in the financial markets.

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Hollywood Stock Exchange

Keiser is the former co-founder and CEO of the Hollywood Stock Exchange, he later sold the business to Cantor Fitzgerald. Alongside his partner Michael Burns, he co-invented a technology platform that allowed traders to exchange virtual securities, such as “MovieStocks” with convertible virtual currency known as the “Hollywood Dollar”.  An idea that was truly ahead of its time!

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Work History

Over the years, Keiser has hosted a wide array of shows on TV. Including New Year’s Eve special The Keiser’s Business Guide to 2010 and The Oracle with Max Keiser – both shows were broadcast on the BBC in the UK. Max is  a man of many talents, producing and acting in the TV series People & Power on Al-Jazeera.

He is currently the host of the Keiser Report on Russia Today, sharing his views on the economy. Max’s wife, Stacy Herbert is the co-host on the program. Despite discussing boring topics, Keiser’s contrarian viewpoints and antics keep the viewers engaged.

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Max is a huge advocate of cryptocurrencies and despises fiat money. He first started buying Bitcoin over ten years ago when it was trading around $1 per coin! Max was one of the few people openly recommending Bitcoin before it grasped the attention of the mass media. While he has never publicly revealed how much bitcoin he owns, his holdings are believed to be worth hundreds of millions!


Max and Stacy have been together as a couple for over a decade and regularly make public appearances together. The dynamic duo got married in November 2012 and have no children together.

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1. What is the background of Max Keiser?

Max Keiser is a legend in the field of cryptocurrency and bitcoin and is believed to be the first person to make digital currency so mainstream. Besides bitcoin, Keiser is also a huge benefactor in promoting other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and Litecoin.

2. Is Max Keiser active on Twitter?

Besides his interviews and cryptocurrency insights, Max is very active on Twitter, where he shares his knowledge about bitcoin with the rest of the world. Despite having a good following, he has also raised a lot of controversies following his tweets. If you are looking for cryptocurrency updates and predictions, twitter is the best place to be.

3. How did Max Keiser build his net worth?

Max Keiser primarily built his net worth via traditional finance avenues but his net worth got the maximum boost when he started investing huge sums of money in Bitcoin and crypto.

4. Where did Max Keiser get his education?

Max Keiser attended local public schools where he lived, following which he enrolled in New York University to graduate in theatre. He graduated in 1982 with a bachelor in arts, but soon diverted his interest toward finance and later went on to dominate the crypto world.

5. What does Max Keiser do?

Max Keiser, for those who aren’t aware, is a financial broadcaster and a filmmaker. That’s where he primarily makes his income if that’s something you didn’t know. He kickstarted his career from the ground, doing comedy shows and radio shows, which didn’t pay much.

6. How many Bitcoin does Max Keiser own?

Although there isn’t a confirmed estimate surrounding the subject, rumors suggest that Max has around 10,000 to 20,000 bitcoins. However, this could very well be a rumor and speculation and hold no truth to its claim.

7. What does Max Keiser invest in?

We don’t know for sure the exact investment portfolio that Max Keiser follows. However, given his association with Bitcoin, it isn’t surprising to say that the major part of his investment goes towards Bitcoin, which is where he has earned the maximum amount of money from.

8. What does Max Keiser invest in?

In 2022, both Max and Stacy rebooted their YouTube show and uses the name Max and Stacy Report. The format and the content that’s published there are pretty much the same as what you’d normally expect Max to post or discuss, so that’s a new addition to the mix.

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