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Who is Timothy Sykes and What Should You Know About Him? 




Timothy Sykes Net Worth

Timothy Sykes is an entrepreneur, penny stock trader, and investor by profession. 

He began his career in the year 2003 with Cilantro Fund. It is a hedge fund organization he had founded by making use of the sum of money obtained from trading. 

He has established a very successful portfolio in investment, blogging, and teaching about the nuances of trade in stocks to the masses. 

He also speaks about his life story and the reason behind his success through a medium like social media, books, and podcasts. 

He is the source of inspiration for many aspiring investors and traders out there. 

Quick Facts

Full NameTimothy Sykes
Birth DateApril 15, 1981
ProfessionEntrepreneur, Penny stock trader, and Investor
Country of OriginUSA
Marital StatusUnmarried
Net Worth (as of 2024)$15 Million
Last Updated:Jan 10, 2024
Social MediaInstagram

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Early life and education

Timothy was born in the year 1991 in Connecticut. He completed his graduation at Tulane University in New Orleans. 

In the year 2003, he has a minor in business and a degree in philosophy. He has instituted Timothy Sykes day, the trading award for The Talented in his alma mater. 

This is a scholarship offered annually to the students of Tulane University who possess exceptional talent in day trading.

 Apart from this Timothy also created the Timothy Sykes Foundation. The main focus of the organization was to provide education to children who are in developing countries.  

Apart from that, he made a $1 Million contribution to pencils of promise, an NGO which works towards the development of children in the countries like Ghana, Laos, and Guatemala. 

His contribution has helped to build around 20 primary schools in that region.

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Personal life 

Timothy is engaged to Bianca Alexa. She was the winner of Miss Penny, stock in 2013. It is said that the couple is not together anymore as she removed their pictures from all the social media channels. 

However, there is no official confirmation of the same. 

Timothy Sykes


Timothy began his company with the money he got from his traditional ceremony. He converted the very small amount into a very large amount by investing in hedge funds. 

However, his company collapsed in the year 2007. He wanted to try out investments of shares but he was not great at it as he was in day trading. 

He constituted Miss Penny Stock in the year 2013 Beauty Pageant Show. He used this as a medium to propagate the idea in people’s minds that day trading and penny trading are not dangerous. 

He has gained an excessive amount of money by authoring and mentoring people. His strategies are specified in his books. 

In the year 2008, the authored the book: American hedge fund, how I made two million dollars as a stock operator and created a hedge fund. 

This book explains his experiences challenges he encountered and the strategies he deployed while starting his organization apart from this Timothy also 

This is a site that focuses on online reviews of various financial services, products, and books.

What is Timothy Sykes Net Worth? 

Currently, the net worth of Timothy is around 15 million dollars. The assets include property, stocks, etc. 

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1. How did Timothy Sykes make his money?

Timothy Sykes, often known as Tim Sykes, is a popular American entrepreneur and a penny stock trader. That’s what he rose to fame for. His trading started with the first fund that he worked with, the Cilantro Fund, which was a hedge fund that he founded with the initial capital that he earned from his trading practices. Besides that, he also earns his income through blogging and investing.

2. How many millionaire students does Tim Sykes have?

Reports from Timothy Sykes himself suggest that he has helped over 31 students become a millionaire and cross that threshold easily. There are no further reports on the kind of students that have managed to secure great positions in the market.

3. What is Tim Sykes’s challenge?

Tim Sykes, who is a famous penny stock trader, started a challenge or more of a virtual course where he helps his students with the trading tricks that helped him reach the position that he is in. He teaches them trading strategies.

4. How much does it cost to join Timothy Sykes?

Timothy Sykes has introduced the Millionaire Challenge, where he teaches advanced techniques about trading to his students. The subscription for the program is $197 when you apply via email.

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