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Tips and tricks that will help you better develop your hero and earn gold in World of Warcraft Classic




earn gold in World of Warcraft Classic

WoW classic is a restart of one of the most popular add-ons for all World of Warcraft chronicles – Wrath of the Lich King.

Players especially loved this version at the time of its release due to the appropriate mixture of hardcore, large online, constant PVP between Horde and Alliance, and at the same time interesting gameplay and the value of each mechanic and group interaction.

Not all players can calmly withstand the slow pace, which is explained by weak damage and the need to farm for a long time for a really worthwhile weapon, and will break buy wow classic gold to improve their capabilities.

However, in order to play comfortably and master all the main mechanics and enjoy the classic version, you need to take into account various tips that may be useful to you.

Tips and tricks that will help you better develop your hero and earn gold in World of Warcraft Classic

Don’t get hung up on faction

At the time of the release of the then main version of World of Warcraft Wrath of The Lich King, there was a strong dispersion in factions towards the Horde – this was expressed in the territories and combat potential of some races, but over the long period of time various updates were released, many ideas and steps took place to change the balance and equalization of all races among themselves.

In the classic version, which is old mechanics with new ideas and interfaces, you can choose your character solely from external preferences, and the difficulties in leveling up and buying WoW WOTLK gold will be useful to absolutely everyone.

Don't get hung up on faction

Don’t ignore quests

WoW Classic has a slower tendency for hero development, which makes each piece of equipment and weapons especially valuable, because you will spend more than one day of game time with them.

Quests help you consistently gain experience and gold WoW Classic and make this one of the best ways for all classes without exception – the only question is time and pace.

A conditional healer will take much longer to complete the task, unlike attacking heroes, except when hunting as part of a group, but when he finishes off all the necessary monsters, he will also increase in level, or receive a noticeable increase in percentage.

Try to combine all types of story and side quests so that you can complete them all in one location and, if desired, switch to grinding. Then, after completing the task, you will have the opportunity to receive a truly noticeable gain in the form of WoW classic gold and experience.

Don’t forget about grind

World of Warcraft Wrath of The Lich King has complex and long mechanics for hero development and in order to constantly progress, you need to use any tools to increase experience and grinding can be one of the most effective if your hero is suitable for it.

Grind is a format for character development through the systematic extermination of monsters. You must quickly kill enemies one by one, or with mass attacks, and it is advisable not to depend on personal resources.

For example, a hunter can use skills, simple shots, or calling an animal to destroy enemies almost without stopping and get WoW gold.

The mage will kill monsters faster, but periodically stop his grind to restore his mana reserve, without which he will not be able to use his skills.

The healer will destroy enemies very slowly and unless he finds a full-fledged combat group, which he will help with healing in exchange for experience and an honest division of WoW classic gold.

The warrior will kill enemies quickly and consistently, and with the activation of the rage skill, he will be able to crush his enemies very painfully, but for a short period of time, until the skill goes into recovery.

Grinding can be combined with story and side quests. It is enough just to take all possible tasks and come to the location where they can be completed, and as you complete the destruction of all the monsters listed there, simply stay in the area until you noticeably outgrow your enemies.

Engage in professions

You can greatly help yourself with equipment, weapons and gold reserves using the profession system.

These are skills that you can begin to develop to be able to work with materials to produce them into items and weapons, or sell them to other artisans and earn gold in World of Warcraft Classic.

If your hero wears heavy armor and uses a sword or mace, then your path is to become a blacksmith and rock processing master. Collected ore can be smelted into ingots to make goods at the forge, and occasionally gems that come across can be sold to jewelers – they will fill them with enhancements that can be inserted into any piece of equipment or weapons to give it additional reinforcement – by the way, the sockets are also installed by the blacksmith.

If you are an archer or a robber, then the skill of skinning will help you, which will allow you to transform them into leather and make light armor and bows using leather work.

Mages should look towards tailoring, which allows you to work with fabrics, but does not require a separate profession to obtain materials – they drop from monsters. The only thing you can do to help yourself is to buy WOTLK gold and exchange it for a large supply of materials, which you will buy on the trading platform and which you will use at first to level up your skill level.

For tailoring, you can take the inscription for making staves, or jewelry making, for the production of costume jewelry, precious stones and orbs, which are also magical weapons.

The profession system is not a quick, but stable way to equip your character with everything necessary for a comfortable game, as well as the opportunity to earn WoW classic gold by placing all surplus on the trading platform for trading with other players.

Go on raids

In chronicles, in which the production of things is reduced, as well as the level of experience, raids become an excellent opportunity to get good equipment and weapons.

You go with a group into the lair of monsters and must defeat them and the leader in order to get a chance to knock out valuable equipment and weapons of the appropriate level.

The boss will try to prevent himself from being killed in every possible way – inflict heavy damage, hide, use unique skills that need to be calculated so as not to be defeated.

Raids will constantly increase in difficulty, which will affect the basic mechanics of the boss, but will also increase the reward for successful completion and victory.

Mythic difficulty raids are especially valuable, since they are the most difficult, but they have a chance to drop weapons or armor of the legendary level.

The most important thing is to follow the boss’s mechanics; all attacks will come more often, stronger and less noticeable, which increases the chance of the raid ending in failure.

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