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How Todd Hoffman’s Net Worth Reached Millions? 



Todd Hoffman Net Worth

Todd Hoffman is a businessman by profession but he rose to fame when he and his close friend Leonardo filed a case against the FMCG Company, Pepsi. 

However, he became very famous because of the show that ran on Discovery Channel by the name Gold Rush star.

 If you are curious to know about this businessman who made millions from his profitable ventures, then read below.

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Early life and education

Todd Hoffman was born in the year 1969 on 12th April. His father was into mining and he developed an interest in mines from a very young age. 

He is an adventurous person by nature and that has indeed instilled the idea of traveling and making money out of it.

Todd Hoffman completed school and started his own aviation company as well. He also worked as a general contractor before he took up gold mining as a full-time profession. 

He had spent a lot of time exploring the forest and the streams around his place. As he was aware of the various benefits one could get out of being in mining, he started his own company Hoffman crew in the year 2010 where he leads a team of miners to find gold in the forest.

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Personal life

Todd Hoffman is a married man. His spouse’s name is Shauna and the couple has two children. 

Though he has not disclosed much about his family in an interview, he has always featured them on the show, Gold Rush. 

He is always surrounded by his children and is said to have a lot of love and affection toward his family members. 

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Todd Hoffman has many feathers on his hat. After finishing school. he began his aviation industry and later ventured into mining. 

His adventurous mining venture turned out to be very successful and he obtained huge amounts of gold he is one of the most prominent figures in the mining industry. 

Currently, apart from having his industry, his feature in the show, Gold Rush has bought him wide acclaim and fame. He has not gotten any awards to date nut he is very hardworking and determined. 

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What is Todd Hoffman’s Net worth? 

It is not surprising to know that many are interested in knowing Todd Hoffman’s net worth taking into account his successful ventures.

 His current net worth is estimated to be around 7 million. U.S. dollars. Todd Hoffman is 53 years old now and he has not yet lost his enthusiasm for Mining and always is a fan of undertaking adventures. 

He and his team have ventured into unexplored areas in Yukon and Alaska. Though, they have faced a lot of challenges they have never given up. 

Todd Hoffman has his roots in Europe whereas he was born and brought up in the United States of America. 

He calls himself an American only and is a very famous personality across the USA. There is not much information known about his siblings and he has a very cordial relationship with his parents.

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