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Bishop Darrell Hines Net Worth 2024 – Truth About the Wealth of Founder of CFFCMKE




Bishop Darrell Hines Net Worth

Bishop Darrell Hines is a man of God, a community leader, and a testament to the power of faith and hard work. As the founder of the Christian Faith Fellowship Church (CFFCMKE), he has not only built a thriving congregation but also amassed a net worth of approximately $4 million.

Over the years, Bishop Darrell has gained a wide range of trusted followers, something that has significantly helped in gaining a lot of relevance and wealth to become the founder of CFFCMKE. He has gained a lot of traction and people are curious to know more about his life.

If you have similar thoughts, we will explore everything about Bishop Darrell Hines’s net worth and his life and career.

Early Life

Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, Bishop Hines’ journey began in humble circumstances. He faced challenges and adversities that would shape his character and his calling. It was through his faith that he found solace and direction, eventually feeling the pull to serve God and his community.

Growing up, Bishop Darrell didn’t have access to the life and the amenities that would ensure comfort and luxury. However, instead of letting these shortcomings pull him down, he focused on being resilient and learning from these experiences in his life. 

What’s impressive is that while Bishop Darrell’s family faced financial constraints, they had a very close-knit family and they shared a very close bond among them. He grew up learning the importance of faith from his parents.

There are instances from his childhood, which depict that Bishop Darrell always stood up for the right and condemned what he thought was wrong. He learned about the basics from his parents and from the church his family attended.


In 1982, Bishop Hines founded the Christian Faith Fellowship Church. Starting with a small group of believers, he nurtured the church with his passion and dedication. 

Over the years, CFFCMKE has grown into a vibrant and thriving congregation, offering spiritual guidance, community support, and a beacon of hope to thousands of people. Bishop Hines’ leadership extends beyond the church walls. 

He is a respected figure in the Detroit community, actively involved in social outreach programs and initiatives that uplift the less fortunate. His commitment to social justice and equality has earned him the admiration and respect of people from all walks of life.

Bishop Hines’ influence extends far beyond the pulpit. He is a sought-after speaker, motivational coach, and author. His book, “The Power of Faith: Overcoming Life’s Challenges,” shares his journey and offers guidance and inspiration to readers facing their struggles.

He is also a strong advocate for education and empowerment. He has established scholarship programs and mentorship initiatives to help young people reach their full potential. Bishop Hines believes that education is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty and creating a brighter future for generations to come.

Personal Life

Beyond his career, Bishop Hines is also married for a long time to his wife, Pamela. The two are quite private about their marriage, so you won’t find them flaunting things on the internet. However, they are extremely supportive of each other and have made a warm and loving home for their children and family.

Net Worth

Bishop Hines has an estimated net worth of $4 million, which comes from multiple sources. Not only does he earn from being a pastor and the founder of CFFCMKE, but he also earns royalties from his bestselling book. Additionally, Bishop Hines travels to give speeches and spread the word about faith and spirituality as well, which explains his extensive wealth.

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