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CDN: What is a Content Delivery Network and When is It Crucial?




CDN: What is a Content Delivery Network and When is It Crucial?

The OTT video streaming industry continues to set up high standards for the quality of content delivery. Customers want to receive the highest quality of experience, and businesses want to ensure this. It is a part of establishing strong relationships with viewers and retaining them on your VOD streaming platform.

When it comes to OTT, CDN is an essential element of video content delivery, as it allows providers to meet streaming demands and reach customers around the world. For example, such brands as TVALB benefit hugely from leveraging a content delivery network. The network of servers ensures that every viewer gets the lowest latency streaming possible. So, let’s talk more about CDN.

What is a Content Delivery Network (CDN)?

CDN is an abbreviation for content delivery network, which is a network of geographically distributed servers. Their primary function is to transfer media from an origin server to users’ end devices.

If used alone, an origin server would be overloaded with traffic and high-quality streams. It may fail to deal with a huge number of requests resulting in long latencies for viewers and traffic congestion. Edge servers decrease the load, making streaming more reliable and smooth.

How Does a Content Delivery Network Work?

When a user requests a video to play, the delivery process begins. The closest edge server will send it to them if the video is cached there. Otherwise, it will request the data from another server located closer to it.

Since the cached data is not removed from the edge server, the delivery will be shorter for another user who wants to watch the same video.

Storing copies of media files on the servers closest to viewers enhances the delivery process and prevents buffering. The edge servers reduce the load from the origin server, ensuring a more reliable viewing experience.

When is a Content Delivery Network Crucial?

A CDN is a vital part of communication in the internet landscape. They help all services connect with viewers. Let’s observe when CDN is highly important:

#1 High traffic increase

When you release premieres and long-awaited videos, your service will likely experience a sudden surge in viewership. In such situations, a CDN is a helping hand in handling the load.

A content delivery network will distribute the burden of requests to multiple edge  servers. As a result, your video streaming service or over the top application keeps operating even during the spikes in traffic, and all consumers receive the best viewing experience.

When you don’t have a CDN to manage a high increase in traffic, your service might fail to operate. As a result, you lose viewers and potential revenue.

#2 Going global

Streaming services can serve local viewers or reach people around the world, depending on the aims of your business. Anyway, a CDN can help you deliver uninterrupted viewing experiences to people from different parts of the world. For example, the aforementioned TVALB can deliver Albanian TV straight to viewers in the USA and Canada.

This way, for example, you can target only those who love horror movies. People with different backgrounds and nationalities turn out to be horror movie fans. For this reason, it is better to use a CDN to find them anywhere and ensure the best quality of experience.

#3 Security

Another crucial reason to use a CDN is for protection and security. If your service stores users’ sensitive information or original content, it is a pressing need to take security measures. A CDN can provide encryption, DDoS-attack prevention, and protection against unauthorized access.

Drawing the Line

A content delivery network is a crucial part of a video streaming business. It performs multiple functions essential for the smooth operation of your streaming platform. You receive a tool for handling spikes in traffic, reaching people worldwide, protecting your service, and delivering videos without latencies.

Tessa is a Senior Writer at Patty360. She has previously worked as a freelance journalist for various news sites in the UK.

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