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Coffeezilla – the YouTuber who Exposes Guru’s





If you enjoy watching videos about self-proclaimed “gurus” getting exposed then I’m sure you’ve come across Coffeezilla on YouTube. Similar to Mike Winnet, Coffeezilla is a channel that specializes in reviewing predatory gurus who make big money selling online courses. The channel has exploded in popularity over the past year, surpassing 130,000 subscribers. Coffeezilla’s popularity is testament to the entertainment he provides and how many people he has helped.

No topic is off the menu and Stephen is happy call out anyone if it’s justifiable. The type of schemes he exposes include dropshipping, day trading, medical cures and affiliate marketing. Coffeezilla also gives victim a voice and interviews them so they can share their experiences. In most cases the people who get scammed are society’s most vulnerable who are easily manipulated by deceptive advertising.

How Does Coffeezilla Make Money?

Ironically the ads that appear on his YouTube videos are mainly from the same fraudsters he reviews. The channel isn’t run as a business venture, it’s more of a public service. I would estimate a majority of the income earned goes to liability insurance and video productions costs. If  has a few hundred dollars left over at the end of the month, it’s more than deserved.

List of people he’s reviewed in videos:

  • Kevin Zhang – eCommerce entrepreneur
  • Dan Lok – entrepreneur and influencer
  • Kevin David – eCommerce entrepreneur teaching dropshipping on Amazon.
  • Samuel Leeds – real estate entrepreneur in the UK
  • Brian Rose – YouTuber and future Mayor of London
  • Caleb Maddix – 18 year old social media influencer
  • Evan Luthra – entrepreneur & angel investor ⁣
  • Ricky Gutierrez – day trader
  • John Crestani – affiliate marketer
  • Dean Graziosi – author, entrepreneur, and investor
  • Dan Pena – motivational speaker known as the “trillion dollar man”
  • Adrian Gee – Australian-American YouTuber known for his investment programs
  • Sam Ovens – millionaire consultant
  • Grant Cardone – real estate mogul and sale trainer


Running this type of channel takes balls, calling people out on YouTube to thousands of others is an easy way to get sued. Stephen more than likely has professional liability insurance to protect from himself lawsuits. Gurus also try to take down videos through copyright claims and using their audiences to mass flag videos.

James is the SEO Manager here at Patty360. He has worked as a content writer for various local and national news sites covering entertainment and tech.

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