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How much should I bet?




How much should I bet

Calculating your bet in casino: Responsible gaming, winning pleasure!

Love of the customer, team spirit, innovation and pleasure are values that have been the backbone of the best online casino Fairgocasino in Australia. These values, which impose duties with respect to clients, are the subject of a daily commitment and support from all casino employees.

Playing is a pleasure and must remain so. To achieve this, Fairgocasino in AU has set up a very concrete organization with a network of experts in the field, practical tools and teams dedicated to Responsible Gaming and trained accordingly.

Your bet can be calculated according to two criteria:

1. The estimated profitability

This is the difference between your estimated odds and the odds given by the bookmaker. The greater the difference, the more the bet will seem valuable and therefore profitable in the long run. A more or less substantial bet should be adopted according to this parameter.

2. The odds

As a general rule, it is quite rare to have estimated odds that are much higher than the bookmaker’s odds. If the odds are equal or slightly higher (from 1 to 15%), stick to the same betting rule. Each bettor can define his own rules according to his personality. However, keep a certain logic of calculation.

Here are some tips how much to bet with Fairgocasino

  • Never exceed 10-12% of your capital on a single bet. As a rule of thumb, for long-term management, your average bet per bet should be between 1.5 and 2.5% of your bankroll.
  • Try to keep it steady. In good times, don’t increase your bets significantly. In bad times, keep a cool head and stable management.
  • Never regret your bets. If your bets are well analyzed and correctly estimated, they will be profitable in the long run.
  • Accept the variance. Some periods will be very bad, others exceptional. Don’t just focus on the result.

If you still fail to win over a long period of time, question yourself. A bettor who is clear about his performance is already a good bettor. The most important thing is to know the principles of good casino betting and how to manage your gambling betting capital.

The basics of bankroll management

In order to choose your bets, you must first define a bankroll. Why should you do this? Because you have to see online casino betting as an investment if you want to make this passion profitable.

The bankroll is the money that you have decided to invest in casino betting.

For example:

10% of a $100 bankroll is equal to $10.

If you choose to bet 10% on a bet, you will have to bet $10.

How many different bets should I make to make a good bet?

It is very rare that a bettor uses a single bet (a percentage of the bankroll that is always the same) for his bets.

It is more common to have a range of bets (i.e. a range of pre-determined percentages).


In betting, we often distinguish between

safe bets: the safest bets according to the bettor

fun bets: bets that are more for fun or bets with very high odds.

Because we have bets with different confidence indexes (from Safe to Fun), we have different bets.

Logically, you will not bet the same amount on odds of 1.40 as on odds of 10.

The minimum range is to have two bets for fun and safe bets.

For example 1% for fun, 3% for safe.

Let’s start with that.

But there is another problem.

A percentage of what bankroll?

So you registered with best online FairGO Casino in Australia but what about your bankroll for gambling?

A bankroll changes quickly, both up and down.

In other words, this 1% and this 3% are 1% and 3% of what bankroll?

The bankroll we had at the beginning, or the one we have now, the updated bankroll?

We can therefore talk about a fixed stake (fixed in relation to the starting bankroll) or an evolving stake (adapted to the evolution of the bankroll).

Fixed bet: security?

We start with a first strategy of bet, it is the simplest to apply, the fixed bet.

The principle: you always bet the same amount according to the confidence index.

Example with a Bankroll of 100€ and 2 types of bets:

3% for Safe bets (3€)

1% for Fun bets (1€)

With the fixed bet, whether your bankroll goes up or down, you keep the same bets.

The advantage of this method is that it is very easy to set up. The bets are always the same, so there are no questions asked. Or almost none.

The questions arise when the bankroll starts to really change. Because betting 3% of $100 or 3% of $110 isn’t too different.

But how do you adjust your bets when you’ve lost half your bankroll?

If you continue to bet the same amounts with 50% of your starting bankroll, you have gone from 3% to 6% for safe bets and from 1% to 2% for fun bets.

In reality, without realizing it, you have radically changed your strategy. We became more aggressive when we were not good! And that we should be more careful!

On the other hand, when the bankroll has doubled, the bets become ridiculous. What to do?

Same problem, but in reverse. The bankroll has grown and our 3% starting bet for a Safe bet has become 1.5% of the available bankroll. This is very little, too little to grow.

In this case, we became much more cautious, even though we were good for a while!

Recommendations for betting with Fairgocasino Australia

Recommendations for betting with Fairgocasino Australia

Generally speaking, casino platform recommends the technique of progressive betting: a percentage of the bankroll actually available at the time of betting (and not a percentage of the starting bankroll).

Advantage: losses and profits are smaller, which is easier on the mind of the bettor.

Fairgocasino also recommends bets between 1% and 3% of the available bankroll for safe bets (odds < ±2.00), bets between 0.1% and 0.5% for fun bets (odds > ±2.00), total bets of the day always less than 10% of the available bankroll.

Tessa is a Senior Writer at Patty360. She has previously worked as a freelance journalist for various news sites in the UK.

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