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Petvictus – Pedaldish Net Worth: Automatic Pot For Furbaby




Petvictus - Pedaldish Net Worth

Pete Hill entered the Dragon’s Den with a financial agreement that included Petvictus – Pedaldish and the Katfone, as well as various other discoveries he might produce relating to anything with pets.

Petvictus – Pedaldish first premiered on Dragon’s Den in September 2018, episode 6 of season 16, but pleasing the Dragons was not an easy job to do. However, one of the Sharks was impressed by his invention and agreed to invest in it. Read the article to know about it and the pitching process.

Quick Facts

Founders name: Peter Hill
Business details: The Pedal-activated bowl is designed to freshen cat food
Founded in: 2016
Location : UK
Asking of Company: £30,000 For 25% Equity
Accepted Deals: £30,000 For 33% Equity
Dragons on board (Investors): Deborah Meaden
Dragon’s Den Episode: Season 16 Episode 06
Net Worth: £500,000
Business Status: Active
Last Updated: Mar 16, 2024
Social Media: Facebook

About the Founder

Peter Hill was a representative in Wales. He was a cat parent. However, when realized how much money he was wasting by feeding his cat wet cat food in a typical bowl, he created Pedaldish. He tackled the problem with this invention. 

He used automated devices which can be wiped swiftly. It is not a battery system; however, it will not break down during rainfall or any accidental mess in the kitchen.

Founding the Petvictus – Pedaldish 

Peter Hill was the co-founder of Pedaldish Company which started in 2016. It is a bowl for cat or dog food. The seal of the bowl remains closed until enough pressure is given. When the pedal is pressed down by any pet, be it a dog or cat, it automatically opens. The fresh food is then accessible after the lid is lifted.

By doing this, you can stop your domesticated animal’s meal from becoming spoiled too quickly and making the food detrimental for them by preventing it from bacteria contains in the air, insects, and other contaminants. To keep the food original for a longer period, you must put ice under the dish.

Petvictus - Pedaldish

Dragon’s Den Appearance 

Pete requested from the Dragons a $38,235.15 contribution for a 25% ownership in the Pedaldish’s inaugural debut as well as for any additional potential items.

Touker Suleyman was impressed by his product and the idea behind it. He inquired Pete about its retail price. His product sells for $ 22.94 and costs $6 – including production, delivery, and shipping charges together. Suleyman enjoyed the sales talk but did not like the actual goods. He walked away from the talks.

Tej Lalvani withdrew discussions because he was more concerned regarding the trademark problems.

Pete’s insufficient knowledge of sales alarmed Jenny Campbell, who departed while negotiating. One of the Dragons was interested in Pete’s other product Katfone, nevertheless, he was not willing to invest in the product as he was not interested.  

Pete and Deborah Meaden became friends over their mutual appreciation of felines. She seemed anxious about the outcome of the rivalry. He informed her of the product’s efficacy and the amount of nourishment and funds the owners were able to stash away. She proposed $38,235.15 for a 33.33% stake. Pete enthusiastically approved the offer. However, after careful consideration, the offer was withdrawn.

After Dragon’s Den 

Petvictus – Pedaldish is still in business. The company has a projected net worth of more than $6,37,357.50.

Along with Pedaldishes and Katfones, Pete is increasingly in demand for inspirational remarks, corporate collaboration, and many other events.

Tessa is a Senior Writer at Patty360. She has previously worked as a freelance journalist for various news sites in the UK.

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