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Polo G Net Worth 2024 – How Much is the ‘Finer Things’ Rapper Worth?




Polo G Net Worth

America is known for hosting some of the world’s best rappers. Among them, one that deserves a special mention is Polo G, who rose to fame with rap singles “Finer Things” and “Pop Out.” Despite being a newcomer, his debut album was a hit among the audience, which led him to the top of the charts.

With the widespread fame and popularity that he gained following the release of his albums, it isn’t surprising that many of his listeners are often curious to know about his net worth. 

To make things known and to streamline further information about the leading American rapper, we will delve into exploring more about Polo G’s net worth, his rise to fame, and his personal life too.

Quick Facts

Full Name Taurus Tremani Bartlett
Birth Date January 6, 1999
Age 25
Profession Rapper
Country of Origin USA
Nationality American
Marital Status Unmarried
Crystal Blease
Net Worth (as of 2024) $7 million
Last Updated: Jan 26, 2024
Social Media Instagram

Early Life

Polo G was born on January 06, 1999, in Chicago, Illinois. He was named Taurus Tremani Bartlett by his parents, Taurus Bartlett, and Stacia Mac. 

Polo grew up alongside his three siblings and had a pretty decent life growing up. There isn’t a lot of widespread information about his early life on the internet, which means that we’d have to go by what’s available. 

Coming to his education, Taurus enrolled for his higher education at Lincoln University in Pennsylvania. However, he didn’t graduate and instead ended up dropping out of college the day before his classes were to begin.

During that period, Taurus wanted to focus on building a career in music and shifted his focus on it entirely. He started creating music in the genre of Chicago drill sound but he later worked on refining things for the target audience.

What attracted people’s attention to his music is his connecting lyrics, especially the ones that openly discussed issues surrounding mental well-being and racism. 

Personal Life

Polo G’s personal life has been pretty tumultuous. The rapper has a son with Crystal Blease, who he was in a relationship with. While things seemed pretty normal for some time, the rapper was rushed to the hospital following an overdose in 2019. He has also been arrested in 2021 for allegedly attacking a police officer. 

Polo G


With no way to go, Taurus aka Polo G decided to leverage the power of YouTube to make it big and go viral. The first music video that he posted was his original song, titled, “ODA.”

After gaining some initial traction on YouTube, Polo decided to venture into SoundCloud, a platform that’s specifically targeted toward music publications. He released his next song, “Gang with Me” on SoundCloud in 2018.

With the kind of traction that he initially gained from YouTube and Soundcloud, he released more songs like Welcome Back, Finer Things, Neva Cared, etc., which brought him even more fame and recognition. 

Finally, Polo G released his debut album, “Die a Legend.” He was signed with Columbia Records during that time. The album performed amazingly and gained commercial success like no other. Not just the singles and the songs off the album, but even the music videos ended up racking 200+ million views.

Following the success of his debut album, he later released the second album, “Goat,” in 2020. Even that album ended up being a platinum album and racked up a lot of commercial success altogether. He has also collaborated with a series of other rappers like Nicky Minaj, DaBaby, Young Thug, Lil Wayne, etc.

Net Worth

With his successful rapping career and two commercially successful albums, Polo G has an estimated net worth of $7 million. He bought a luxurious 11,000 sq. ft home, worth close to $5 million in 2021, which is where he lives. Polo also earns a good sum of money from his brand endorsements.

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