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Why Should You Consider Pre-ordering The Outer Worlds




The Outer Worlds

There are a huge number of First Person Shooter Games out there. Over the years, we have seen developers and publishers try to innovate and bring something new to the genre. Often times, we have seen games fail! Other times, we see the same FPS formula used over and over again. Take the Call of Duty Franchise for instance. They come up with a new title every year and add very little in each iteration.

Then there are developers who know how to market their new features well. Many FPS titles also include RPG elements, looter shooter mechanics and even open worlds in an effort to stand out from the rest of the games that are in the market. Some of the games fail to bring the necessary sales figure to encourage developers to keep innovating.

Obsidian is well-known for creating the awesome Fallout New Vegas, which many people to this day consider to be the best game in the Fallout franchise. After so many years, we will finally see Obsidian come up with a brand new title that will hopefully help them create more awesome games like Fallout New Vegas.

The Outer Worlds is a game that will be released next year, and it has an awesome launch trailer available. It is a first person shooter that has all the awesome RPG elements that Obsidian is known for. Here is what we know about the game:

  • Players will be able to customize the abilities of their character to suit their style of play.
  • Players will have their own custom character avatars/face.
  • The game will have plenty of dialogue.
  • The player might have to invest heavily in speechcraft to get past certain tough situations.
  • The dialogue system will be similar to Fallout New Vegas, including the zoom in effect that New Vegas had.
  • The game will contain all standard modern FPS shooter mechanics.
  • The inventory system will be an updated version of New Vegas’ system.
  • A player will be able to use weapon parts to craft new weapons and items.
  • The player character will be silent and most likely have no voice actor. The response dialogues will be selected by the player though.
  • You can accept or reject quests.
  • Each quest will be unique and not be the typical fetch quests that are overused these days.
  • The game will be open world.
  • The game takes place in another world, which is super different from our world.
  • There will be plenty of side quests, besides the main quest.
  • The player will be able to use intimidation and persuasion to get information from NPCs.

The game looks like a good mish mash of We Happy Few and Bioshock. Some of the quests will require you to fight and not all quests can be completed without fighting. Here is what we know about the combat system and  after taking a look at gameplay videos:

  • You will have multiple approach options for each fight area.
  • The game will have damage markers.
  • Your character can use special abilities, e.g. slow downtime.
  • The player can use stealth to surprise attack enemies and inflict high damage.
  • There will be plenty of weapons available in the game’s store. Most of them will feel like New Vegas weapons, even though the game takes place in some futuristic setting.
  • The HUD will be extremely similar to the one that was in New Vegas, especially the compass.
  • You can use good speech skills to avoid fights during dialogues.
  • You will be able to use workbenches to customize weapons.
  • The weapons will need to be repaired, so the game will have weapon degradation.
  • The game will have melee weapons for the player to use.

We all know how good New Vegas was, and the gameplay videos clearly demonstrate that The Other Worlds will be extremely similar to New Vegas. So the question is, why should you pre-order The Outer Worlds? Well here are the reasons why:

  1. The game will most likely have 100 hours worth of content.
  2. The game can be played multiple times from start to finish using different character builds.
  3. The game will be story rich.
  4. The world looks super immersive.
  5. The shooting mechanics look solid and even a casual player will be able to play the game without much difficulty.
  6. Obsidian is known for creating extremely good side quests, which means that the quests in The Outer Worlds will most likely not be filler content.

We highly recommend that you keep an eye on this game. Obsidian is one of the only developers that want to innovate and bring something new to gamers.