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Riss and Quan Net Worth: How Rich are the YouTube Couple in 2023?




Riss and Quan Net Worth

Riss and Quan are one of the most popular YouTube couples out there. They are known for their wholesome videos. They mainly make vlogs, and prank videos. Sometimes, they also share relationship advice and other stuff.

Their current net worth is around $2 million. They earn the majority of their income from YouTube ad revenue.

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Quan’s full name is Shaquan Roberts, and Rissa’s full name is Clarissa Caleb. Quan is of Cuban and Jamaican descent and Rissa has Swiss, Italian, and Jamaican blood.

Rissa’s birth date is 4th November 1997. She is two years younger than Quan, who was born on 28th July 1995. They are currently settled in New York.

As far as it is known Rissa has majored in human biology and psychology. On the other hand, Quan completed his graduation at New York University. Plus, he is also a trained boxer.

The two started dating in 2018, after meeting at a school dance function. They started their YouTube channel after coming together.

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YouTube Career

Rissa was always active on social media, but for some reason her account got disabled. This led to the idea of starting a couple of YouTube channels named “The Riss & Quan” channel.

They started posting a variety of content like challenges, vlogs, funny pranks, questions & answers, and more. They also post videos around dating tips, lifestyle, and fashion.

Their wholesome videos are loved by everyone. They have garnered over 3 million subscribers on their YouTube channel.

Other Ventures

Aside from running a YouTube channel, the couple is also involved in brand promotions, merchandise sales, and other stuff. However, the majority of their income comes from their YouTube channel.

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Net Worth and Earnings

Riss and Quan are known to make around $1 million per year from YouTube ad revenue. They post regular content which is very popular among viewers. Their YouTube channel is family-friendly, meaning even kids can watch their videos.

The two earn a good amount of money to lead a luxury lifestyle. Their estimated net worth in 2023 is around $2 million and it is expected to grow more.

Personal Life

Riss and Quan are in a live-in relationship with each other. They live in New York City, where they own a lavish house.

In 2022, they welcomed their first baby, named Shine. The two got engaged after Quan proposed to Rissa in Dubai.

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1. What do Riss and Quan do for a living?

Riss and Quan are a popular YouTube couple who make their living by posting videos on the platform. They have over 3 million subscribers, which enables them to easily earn over a million dollars in ad revenue from YouTube. Besides that, they also do brand deals and sponsorships.

2. Does Riss work with brands?

Reports suggest that Riss is the ambassador of the popular lingerie line, Savage X Fenty, where she earns a steady income from. Besides that, Riss and Quan are also signed with Casetify, which is a phone case company, racking in a good income from there too.

3. Do Riss and Quan have merch?

Besides YouTube and brand deals, Riss and Quan are also proud owners of their merchandise line, which adds to their income. They are pretty active on Instagram and Tiktok as well, which contributes to their net worth quite steadily.

4. How many views do Riss and Quan make on YouTube?

Although YouTube videos and their views do fluctuate, reports suggest that Riss and Quan garner around 6 million views per month, which means that they gain over 200,000 views per video on average. This contributes steadily to their income.

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