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Touch Up Cup Net Worth in 2023: How Much Did the Company Earn After Shark Tank?




Touch Up Cup Net Worth

If you are a viewer of Shark Tank, you must know the brand Touch Up Cup. It is an airtight cup designed to store excess paint. It is created by Carson Grill with the help of his dad.

Grill is a young and aspiring entrepreneur who wants to make it big in his career. He came in the twelfth season of Shark Tank and secured a deal from Blake Mycoskie. Those who are curious to know the estimated net worth of Touch Up Cup in 2023 is $3 million.

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Company Overview

One day, Carson helped his father to do some touch-up painting job. As they opened a few cans of used paint, they found it to be smelly and rusty. As a result, they couldn’t use that paint. This led Carson to devise a special cup that would store excess paint for future use.

The Touch Up Cup is a polypropylene cup with a silicon lid. It can store paints for up to 10 years without letting them go bad.

The father-son duo started their production in 2016. The Touch Up Cup is produced under DZ Innovations Inc.

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Shark Tank Appearance

Carson along with his father appeared on the twelfth season of Shark Tank. They came in with an offer of a 10% stake in exchange for $150,000.

The investors were impressed by the young boy’s pitch. However, the investors backed out as soon as they got to know that none of the founders work full-time on the start-up. Nonetheless, guest shark Blake Mycoskie offered them a deal of 17.5% equity for $150,000.

After Shark Tank

After the airing of the episode, Touch Up Cup received over 5000 orders. Carson and his father had to ship all the orders personally. The company also added some food-saving products for donuts, bagels, and muffins.

The products are available on their official site as well as on Home Depot, Amazon, Lowes, and Walmart. As of 2023, the net worth of the company is $3 million.

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About the Founders

Touch Up Cup is the creation of Jason Grill and Carson Grill. The father-son duo is from Cincinnati, Ohio. Carson is a teenager, completing his studies at Bishop Fenwick High School, and his father works as a medical salesman.

Unlike other teenage boys, Carson doesn’t like to spend his time playing video games. Instead, he wants to start his own business. Together with his father, he created the Touch Up Cup.

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1. How much money did Touch Up Cup make?

During the Shark Tank appearance, Carson confirmed to the Sharks that Touch Up was already available in 4000+ retail locations across the country. During that time, the business was garnering over $220,000 in sales. Carson further confirmed in 2020 that the business is on the road to making $400,000 in sales.

2. Is the Touch Up Cup still in business?

Reports from 2021 and later suggest that Touch Up Cup is still very much in business and has racked up over 2 million USD in revenue. During one of the update segments on Shark Tank, Carson confirmed that he managed to turn his business into a million-dollar business after high school.

3. How did Touch Up Cup do after Shark Tank?

Touch Up Cup managed to snag Blake Mycoskie’s deal, which they used to augment their business to the next level and rack up more revenue than ever. Also, they managed to expand their item line-up from just paint cups and now offer an extensive range of products.

4. When did Touch Up Cup go on Shark Tank?

Touch Up Cup, which is a company run by a father-son duo, Jason and Carson, went on Season 12 and Episode 1 of Shark Tank. They wanted $150,000 for a 17.5% deal.

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