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The Future of Casino Payments: Innovations and Trends to Watch




If you are wondering what are the new payment options available, new CashtoCode casinos are worth exploring. It is a new payment method that promises convenience and security. There is no need to add a bank account, verify your bank details and so forth. It is akin to making a payment using a gift or a prepaid voucher. In the following sections we explore more about this payment company. We also see how it services different casino sites.

Future of Casino Payments

About the Beginning of CashtoCode

This service was started as a Fintech company, based out of Europe. The company, called Funanga AG, has offices in London and Berlin. Today it is known to service several companies and websites in the UK as well. The company started its operations in the year 2013. A group of professionals run the team who are proficient in API services. The service of the company aims to make payments easy and simple. It works for the customers as well as for online merchants.

Today the company has over 50 employees in different locations worldwide. After setting up operations in Europe it then expanded to other continents such as Asia, Africa, Australia and South America. It has set up 150,000 and more retail outlets. These make up the network of CashtoCode counters. Since 2020 the company has been seeing good revenue increases. The main business focus is on the purchase of physical vouchers. However, today vouchers are also available. Hence, it makes it possible for customers to use this payment option in online casinos as well.

The service started by players visiting a casino physically. They can then choose the amount they want to deposit. Accordingly, CashtoCode generates a barcode. After that, the customer needs to present the same at the point of sale. It allows customers to pay by cash. They find that their gaming account is credited directly. Hence, it works as a prepaid voucher.

CashtoCode at Online Casinos

How to Use CashtoCode at Online Casinos?

Those who wish to use the same at a casino website can do the following:

  • If the casino accepts CashtoCode, a customer can choose it as a payment method.
  • They need to visit a CashtoCode store near their residence or location; the official website of the company lists the different retailers in different countries.
  • Alternatively one can opt to buy a prepaid voucher at online platforms such as Dundle.
  • When one chooses to pay by CashtoCode, a unique code is generated.
  • After that one should specify the cash amount they want to deposit.
  • The system then redirects one to the website of CashtoCode.
  • A code is generated which a customer can use for making payments at the site.

Pros and Cons of CashtoCode Payment Method

This method offers anonymity and security. That is, customers need not fill in bank account details. They need not wait for casino sites to verify their bank account information. Hence, all that one needs to do is provide the code that CashtoCode offers. After that one’s payment is processed smoothly into their account. Also, there is no need to remember online banking or e-wallet account information.

Customers might find it a hassle to have to purchase the voucher at retail locations. They need to make a payment at these stores to activate their vouchers. Also, the payment method is available for deposits only. Hence, customers need to provide account information when they want to make withdrawals. Hence, it is hoped that the service will improve and expand their options for customers in the days to come.

Pros and Cons of CashtoCode Payment Method

Terms and Conditions When Using CashtoCode

All payment methods at casinos involve certain terms and conditions. For instance, there might be processing fees involved. There are specific timelines in which payments are processed. Again, the limits can also vary as per the payment option. When one is using CashtoCode there are no fees applicable. It is a great advantage of this method, unlike bank transfers. Again, the time frame is also nominal. A customer will find that their account gets funded instantly with this method. Finally, when it comes to limits, the maximum amount is 400 EUR. That is the amount that you can fill in a voucher at a time.


Today several casino sites accept CashtoCode. With this payment method, customers can easily make deposits in their accounts. Since money is added to the prepaid voucher, it moves into one’s casino account within minutes. There is no need to get this payment method validated. That is, customers need not wait for the KYC of their account before making a payment. In such ways, this payment method is convenient and advantageous. However, the vouchers allow only payments. Also, customers need to get or refill the same at certain centres. With increasing digital options this is yet another convenient payment method that several modern casinos offer.

Tessa is a Senior Writer at Patty360. She has previously worked as a freelance journalist for various news sites in the UK.

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