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 The Most Popular Student Games




The Most Popular Student Games

Probably, it is difficult to find such a person who would not like games. From early childhood, children begin to play, and this helps them develop, and improve fine motor skills, learn about the world around them, get to know other children and be able to interact with them, and be a team player if the rules require it. Games also help develop in a child such qualities of character as purposefulness, resilience, competitive spirit, leadership, and many others. But you should not assume that as soon as we get older than a certain age, games become useless, this is absolutely not the case. Different games help students relax or facilitate the learning process. For people of age, various games help to maintain mental activity. That is why no one stops playing throughout life, although the necessary accessories or rules may change. In this article, we would like to pay attention to students and popular games among them. We can divide them into learning games that teachers can play in the classroom to diversify the learning process, and fun games that students can play at parties, during meetings with friends, or even alone. For sure you know all the fun games, that’s why in this article we will tell you about useful popular games for students.

But at the same time, the main thing is not to get too carried away and not to forget that even if you sometimes play in the classroom or can spend the evening playing video games, you still need to do your homework. But if suddenly you realize that you definitely won’t have time to do a hundred things on time, it’s better not to take risks and order an essay or other paperwork from a specialized writing service, for example, WritePaperForMe. Your task will be done and you will enjoy your free time.

1. Hangman

Hangman is one of the most popular games that help students to check how good they are at spelling and how many words they know. The cool thing is it can be played both online and during face-to-face classes.  And you don’t need a lot of things to play it, just a whiteboard and a marker. If you play online, then you can use the virtual whiteboard. All the students can participate one by one, or they can be divided into groups and play against the other team. The rules of the game are very simple. The teacher should think of a word and draw blanks according to the number of letters in the word. It’s better to tell the category of the word to make it easier for students, like European capitals, Hollywood actors, or Medieval Italian writers. The students have to suggest the letters, and when the suggested letter is wrong, the teacher will draw a portion of the hangman. When the drawing is complete, the game is lost.

2. Simon Says

A fun game that usually makes your students laugh a lot. Also can be played in-person and online by different age groups of students. It can help to build a friendly relationship between the teacher and students. If you don’t know how to play it, here are its simple rules: 

All the students must stand but keep some distance between them not to bother each other when you start playing. When everyone is ready, the teacher starts saying different sentences. But the players should do what a teacher says only if it starts with the words “Simon says,” the students must do it. And if the teacher doesn’t pronounce this phrase, then the action must not be done.  You can make the game more difficult and funny, of course, if you say the commands really quickly. This game will help the students to focus and not lose concentration.

3. Charades

A very popular interactive game that you can play at any event. You can divide the class into several teams. Each group should think of a word for another group, show the word to one of the members of the other team, and then this member must act that word for his team. But the important thing is that the member cannot speak or make sounds. The team members have to guess the word.  You can make the game more challenging if you set a time limit. As a recommendation, it’s always better to set the categories for the words or actions to be acted. This way, it will be easier to guess the word, but it doesn’t mean that it will be less funny.

4. Pictionary

Not only kids but also adults really like and play this game. Pictionary is also a great option for you as a teacher if you are looking for some interactive games for students. This game involves drawing a picture on the board without speaking the word. One student comes to the board and draws the image of the word given, and the whole class tries to guess the picture. If you have some doubts, just remember Big Bang Theory and how funny this game was shown there.

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