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The Night Agent Episodes – Breakdown of All the Episodes from Season 1




You can never get too much of mystery thriller shows and Netflix has a new one for you to obsess over. The Night Agent currently has one season out for the audience to binge-watch. If you are considering watching the show, being aware of the episodes can help you figure things out.

The first season of the show concluded in March 2023 and since then, there has been a lot of confusion among the new fans that want to get a glimpse into the episodes and their popularity.

If you have yet to watch The Night Agent, we’d recommend you tread with caution because this will contain spoilers ahead.

1. Episode 01 – The Call

Episode 01 – The Call

Well, you can never forego watching the first season because that is what builds the momentum. In the first episode, we witness Sutherland rescuing people where a bomb recently exploded out of nowhere. During the quest to save people from the aftermath, Sutherland ends up pinpointing the culprit but he ends up escaping.

Another character that’s introduced in the first season is Larkin, who is instructed to contact the “The Night Action” and while her aunt and uncle are assassinated, Larkin is saved by Farr and Sutherland and taken to safety. This builds a pretty solid base for the show’s progression. However, as Sutherland and Larkin flee from the spot, they are chased down by the killers and they run until they get to a safe space.

2. Episode 02 – Redial

Episode 02 – Redial

With how things unfolded with Larkin, she is later taken in and interrogated by Hawkins and is later shifted to Sutherland’s care. We later see Farr, Hawkins, and Sutherland gather around and discuss the reason why Larkin’s aunt and uncle were assassinated and they try to figure out if it has any connection to the FBI.

On the flip side, the killers track down Larkin’s location and are on a quest to kill her. However, Sutherland gets to Larkin at the right time, saving her in the process. The episode later ends with Dale and Ellen getting a new mission while reports suggest that Hawkins has been murdered.

3. Episode 03 – The Zookeeper

Episode 03 – The Zookeeper

The third episode starts with a flashback where we see the recruitment process of Sutherland by Farr as he connects via the Night Agent program. The entire organization is shaken by Hawkin’s sudden death and further investigation takes place to figure out what’s wrong in the process. 

However, Sutherland and Larkin are skeptical of whether or not Farr can be trusted or not. On the flip side, we witness how Farr brings the recovered hard drive and discusses whether or not PIF has something to do with the blast that happened in the subway that was showcased in the first episode.

4. Episode 04 – Eyes Only

Episode 04 – Eyes Only

If there’s one episode that has set the trajectory for the remainder of the show of The Night Agent, it has to be Eyes Only. In this episode, it starts with a flashback where we are introduced to Erik. He explains his struggles with addiction to painkillers while Arrington makes sure that the entire house is free of drugs.

After watching the recovered hard drive, Farr, Larkin, and Sutherland decide to visit one of the spots that they found in the clip. In that quest, they meet Lorna. During that process, discussions about Larkin’s aunt and uncle and Sutherland’s father come up, further adding further depth to the plot. To fast-track the search, Sutherland contacts Cisco and asks him to track down a vehicle based on the number plate. In this episode, we also witness Lorna’s death.

5. Episode 05 – The Marionette

Episode 05 – The Marionette

The episode switches between flashbacks and present-day scenarios. In the beginning, we see Arrington graduating from the Secret Service Academy and then we see him in a conversation with Sutherland where he asks if Arrington is involved in the subway incident that took place. He doesn’t reply.

To further expedite their investigation, Larkin tracks down the ring bearer and concludes that it could be some kind of association with a man named Gordon Wick, who happens to be the director of Turn Lake. In the closing scenes, we witness Maddie’s teacher being killed and her being kidnapped by the person responsible for causing the subway incident.

6. Episode 06 – Fathoms

Episode 06 – Fathoms

Again, the episode starts with a flashback where we witness Ellen and Dale murdering the ring bearer, further complicating the plot. While Sutherland instructs Cisco to protect Maddie, Arrington, and Erik get to know about Maddie’s kidnapping and start investigating the situation.

The biggest plot twist comes with Sutherland unveils that Farr is, in fact, the culprit and the mole and has direct associations with the subway incident. To escape the blame, Farr orders Sutherland to be arrested but he escapes. Dale and Ellen kill Cisco but Sutherland gets to the scene and kills Dale while rescuing Larkin and escaping with her.

7. Episode 07 – Best Served Cold

Episode 07 – Best Served Cold

This episode starts with chaos. Sutherland is distraught over losing his friend, Cisco while Erik and Arrington try to find clues about Maddie’s kidnapper, Matteo. Soon after, a videotape is sent to the White House which showcases that Maddie is alive. However, it demands that the country’s vice president confess to his involvement in the subway incident.

There are a lot of allegations thrown and while Sutherland tries to convince everyone that Matteo is the kidnapper, Erik, Farr, and Arrington believe that Sutherland might be Matteo’s accomplice. Larkin and Sutherland flee.

8. Episode 08 – Redux

Episode 08 – Redux


We get to learn about Matteo’s true identity in this episode and get a glimpse into why things are the way they are. Sutherland and Larkin meet with Erik and Arrington to convince them of their innocence.

They later reach the place where Maddie is held captive and while she manages to free herself, a lot of chaos happens. In the process, Larkin kills Ellen while Erik is also killed during the confrontation, further leading to complexities.

9. Episode 09 – The Devil We Know

Episode 09 – The Devil We Know

The penultimate episode is where things start to unfold. When police arrive at the spot, Sutherland and Larkin flee the spot and later find concrete evidence about Farr’s involvement. In the meantime, Arrington confirms that Redfield has something to do with the subway bombing.

In the meantime, the protagonists also find that the target of the bombing, Omar Zadar is set to arrive in the U.S. and his life is in danger. That’s not it though because they also find that the President’s life is at risk too.

10. Episode 10 – Fathers

Episode 10 – Fathers

The last episode of Season 1, starts with the communication failure occurring in the flight with Maddie. In the meantime, Farr takes Sutherland and Larkin to Camp David base and while they are appointed to find and defuse a bomb, they cross paths with Almora and confrontation occurs.

While Maddie escapes from the bombing and everyone around are safe too, Sutherland stands out as the hero as he rescues President Travers from the bomb going off. This finally proves his innocence and cleans his name.


If you have been meaning to watch The Night Agents, we’d recommend that you keep your eyes peeled for the episodes we have mentioned here. To be fair, the episodes are engaging from the get-go and take you through a rollercoaster from the start till the end.

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