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Best SMS Tracker Apps



Best SMS Tracker Apps

SMS Tracker Apps are right now the most popular tracker applications in the market. Today we are not able to think about a world without a cell phone but when we were kids we did not have cell phones. All the kids who are growing up today have a cell phone attached to their hand. The problems that the parents are facing right now that they are unable to know who their kids are texting. Since messages are an important part of everyday life, it is very important for the parent to keep a track of all the texts that their kids are sending on a day to day basis. Messages have also been a very important reason why businesses are able to grow in such a fast manner. Messages play a very important role for people who work in a field job or people who work from home because the mobile phone is the only way they can communicate with each other.

Best SMS Tracker Apps

Best SMS Tracker Apps

There are lots of mobile applications that are available in the application store which helps in SMS tracking. Here we have listed down the top 3 mobile SMS tracker that will just be perfect for any kind of use.


If you are looking for an ultimate tracking software for your mobile phone, then mSpy is just perfect for you. With the help of mSpy users will be able to track remotely all the phone calls, text messages, and GPS location. This software also allows users to access applications like WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook, Skype, Telegram and Viber. All the data can be accessed from Android as well iPhones. There are a lot of benefits of mSpy. mSpy is available for both tablets and phones. This application helps users to track all kinds of activities remotely, which is a big plus point. There is hidden mode available, which makes it easier to hide. The setup of this software is very much easier and it does not require any kind of jailbreak. It also comes with a 24×7 customer support so that users are able to contact the customer care whenever they need. Right now the mSpy software costs about $29.99 and users can also check out the demo before they make the purchase.

Mobile Spy

Mobile spy is also one of the popular cell phone tracking software which is used by people all around the world. This software helps users to view their kids or their employee’s tablet and smartphone message. This software will help the users monitor the text messages as well as the GPS location of smartphones. This application also helps users to go through all the social media activities that the done through the mobile phone or tablet. Mobile spy is basically a very new generation smartphone monitoring software which helps users to keep a track on the kids or employees abusing their internet privileges. It is very much important to tell your kids and your employees that they will be monitored. Users need to install the software without any kind of tampering. There will be notification from the application on the mobile phone so that users are able to understand that they are being monitored. With this application user will be able to able to view the live screen which is a big advantage with this software. The Mobile spy right now costs $30.99 but users will be able to find discounts in different websites which they can avail.

Spy bubble

Spy bubble is also a monitoring application for mobile phones and tablets which helps users to monitor both incoming as well as outgoing calls. Users will be able to track the GPS location with help of this application. Spy bubble comes with a 60-day return policy which no other tracking software offers. This helps users to properly test out the software before deciding whether they actually want it or not. Most of the spy applications which are available in the market offer about 7-10 days’ return policy. The best thing about the spy bubble application is that it comes with an unlimited number of installations so if you have more than one phone, then you will be able to use the same software for all of them without having to pay anything extra.

There are other applications in the market, which helps users to track SMS and phone calls, but none of the applications are as advanced as these three. If you are looking for an application which will help you track your kids or your employee’s mobile phone usage, then you can always choose from the list given above depending on your need. All this software is very much trustworthy and will help you keep all the data on your mobile phone safe and not let any virus attack your phone or tablet.

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