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Built-In Apps In Apple WatchOS 6 Can Now Be Deleted



Built-In Apps In Apple WatchOS 6 Can Now Be Deleted

Now, Apple watch owners can get rid of the apps they don’t need to form their watches. Apple has launched its new watchOS 6 operating system where you can delete the built-in apps that you don’t need. Apps such as Breathe, Noise, Cycle Tracking, Radio, Camera and others that were not removable before can now be deleted easily from Apple’s watchOS 6.

Apple watch owners can remove all third-party apps that they download and install from the app store.

Apple has enabled its users to delete even the built-in apps from their iPhone. This will remove the app even from apple watch counterpart.

However, dedicated watch apps such as radio or timer cannot be removed as they do not have any iOS counterpart to uninstall. But this is soon going to change with the launch of Apple watchOS 6.

Earlier this week, Apple gave app store listings to these previously unremovable apps.

This basically means that now you can easily remove the apps you don’t want in your watch. The method of deleting these apps is simple. All you need to do is press and hold the app and then hit the X option.

However, you should know that not all built-in apps can be deleted. Some of them such as Heart Rate and messages will remain.

This new decision taken by Apple has made users really happy as they no longer have to clutter their watches with unused apps. Apple took the same decision even during the time of iOS 10 release and it has the same effect on the users.

After all, not all users like to use the whole set of default apps provided by Apple Watch. Some even want to free up some space to accommodate other apps.