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Constance Nunes Net Worth – Early Life, Biography, and Career




Constance Nunes Net Worth

When you think of a job as a mechanic, a woman’s picture doesn’t come to mind, right? Well, popular reality star and model Constance Nunes has proved everyone wrong. She is not only a star on the internet, but Nunes is also an accomplished American mechanic.

Nunes is known for her roles in leading shows like Gotham Garage, Car Masters: Rust to Riches, etc. Her confidence and flair of speech escalated her popularity among the audience, further contributing to her ever-increasing net worth. 

If you are looking for a comprehensive rundown of Constance Nunes and her net worth, this article is it.

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Early Life

Constance Nunes was born Constance M Nunes and is from a Portuguese family, who immigrated to America. Nunes was born in Los Angeles, California to Ernie and Maria Nunes.

Constance’s father was an amateur racer and a professional mechanic, which is exactly where she draws her inspiration and passion for cars from.

In multiple interviews, Nunes confirmed that she used to go with her father to their car shop and work around cars throughout the day, which increased her passion for fixing cars. 

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Modeling Career

Besides being an accomplished mechanic working with her father, Constance also shot to fame with her modeling career.

Constance began her modeling career at car trade shows, which kicked off when people scouted her from her father’s mechanic shop and offered her different opportunities to be part of car racing events.

Besides modeling at different car trade shows, Constance has also delved into fashion modeling, working with leading brands like Jockey, Feral, Wrangler, Javanan Magazine, etc. 

She has also appeared on Netflix shows and multiple music videos, which have further added to her popularity across the internet. Constance has also done a variety of commercials with popular brands like Motorola, Reebok, etc.

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Net Worth

Although it is difficult to point out the exact number, estimates suggest that Constance has a net worth of around $2 million. The number is growing with her associations with different shows, commercials, branding, etc.

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1. How much does Constance Nunes make per episode?

There’s no question about the fact that Constance Nunes is one of the most hardworking actresses around. Although there is no official testament to how much she is earning down to the last penny per episode, there is speculation that Nunes is the only female cast on Car Masters: Rust to Riches, where she is making $20,000 per episode.

2. Does Constance Nunes still work at Gotham Garage?

To further expand her career and net worth, it isn’t even a surprise or a question that Constance Nunes is still working at both Gotham Garage and Car Masters. However, she has also set up her business called Cars by Constance on the side.

3. Where does Constance Nunes get her passion for cars from?

Although not much is revealed about Nunes’s personal life, it is believed that it was her father who instilled a bug of cars within Nunes when she was just a child. That is where she developed her interests from.

4. How much did Constance Nunes earn from modeling?

Before she entered into reality TV shows, Nunes was a model and signed with a lot of big companies like Jockey, Jeep Wrangler, etc. She has done a variety of commercials too, which have added to her net worth further.

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At present, Constance recently got done with her appearance at Netflix’s Car Masters: Rust to Riches, whose fourth and last season ended in December 2022. What kind of career path and opportunities she picks up after this will be a treat to watch for sure. So, keep an eye out for more details on this as she ventures into a new project.

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