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Jim Treliving Net Worth 2024: A Story of Entrepreneurial Success




Jim Treliving Net Worth

Canada is known for a variety of things, from poutine to maple syrup and buildings to businessmen, Canada has it all. Among all the famous Canadian businessmen, one that deserves a special mention is Jim Treliving. 

Besides being a famous businessman, Jim Treliving earned his popularity being a television personality on the show, Dragon’s Den. His eye for identifying potential opportunities and investing in them has turned several people’s lives for the better.

This article will further explore more about Jim Treliving, his early and personal life, net worth, and career growth.

Quick Facts

Full Name
Walter James Treliving
Birth Date 12 May 1941
Age 82
Profession Businessmen
Country of Origin Canada
Nationality Canadian
Marital Status Married
Sandy Treliving
Net Worth (as of 2024) $700 million
Last Updated: Feb 20, 2024
Social Media Instagram

Early Life

Jim Treliving was born on May 12, 1941, in Virden, Manitoba, Canada. He wasn’t born into a well-settled family but instead grew up with a lot of challenges and struggles. 

There’s not a lot of public information available about Jim’s education or his life growing up. We couldn’t find any insights regarding his parents or siblings as well.

However, what we know about his early life was the fact that Jim was working as a police constable at the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Although he found a stable career being a policeman, he knew he wanted to do more.

So, when Jim came across Boston Pizza restaurant in Edmonton, he was intrigued by the business model and opened a franchise of his own at Penticton alongside George Melville.

Personal Life

Besides having a thriving career, Jim is also a man that gives back through his philanthropic activities. He has collaborated with multiple charities and supported youth programs and organizations that support education and empowerment.

Also, Jim is married to his wife, Sandy Treliving and the couple are parents to two children, Brad and Cheryl Treliving.

Jim Treliving


Before venturing into their franchise Boston Pizza restaurant, the two of them ventured into other business opportunities.

In 1968, Jim Treliving, along with his business partner George Melville, opened their first business venture – an ice cream parlor named “Ponderosa.” Despite the challenges faced in the competitive restaurant industry, the duo persevered and expanded their business.

Treliving’s strategic vision and business acumen led Boston Pizza to flourish, and by the late 1980s, the franchise had expanded exponentially across Canada. In the following years, the brand also made its way into the United States, further solidifying its position as a global player in the restaurant industry.

Besides that, he has also founded the T&M Group of Companies, which works with international businesses and looks over their portfolios. 

Treliving also gained immense fame and popularity after appearing on Dragon’s Den in 2006, where he helped business identify their true market, invested in their business, and from there, he has become a household name.

His diverse portfolio is all thanks to the strategic investments he has made on the show, especially in the start-ups.

Net Worth

Jim Treliving has an estimated net worth of $700 million, which is a testament to his entrepreneurial skills and shrewd investment decisions. The success of Boston Pizza, combined with his diversified investment portfolio and the lucrative television appearance on “Dragons’ Den,” has contributed significantly to his wealth.

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