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Milk and Brookies Net Worth: Will Hybridity Tame The Sharks?




Milk and Brookies Net Worth

With Milk and Brookies, those who love both brownies and cookies can enjoy this innovative alternative. This organization focuses on such delicacies. They do not, however, create any old delicious delight.

In contrast to the Cronut in New York City along with the famous cruffin in San Francisco, what can be purchased in Los Angeles? Nowadays, Brookies entered and became popular in L.A.

With their innovative hybrid food, will the trio win the hearts of the Sharks? Follow the article to know.

Quick Facts

Founders name: Jovon English,
Naima Harris,
Marques Brooks
Business details: Cookie and brownie hybrid baked like a cupcake
Founded in: 2015
Location : Los Angeles, California, USA
Asking of Company: $100,000 for 20% Equity
Accepted Deals: No Deal
Sharks on board (Investors): None
Shark Tank Episode: Season 07 Episode 06
Net Worth: $3 million
Business Status: Active
Last Updated: Mar 19, 2024
Social Media: Facebook

About the Founder

The California-based company Milk and Brookies was founded by the two sister roommates Jovon English and Naimah Harris along with their best friend Marcus Brookes.

Jovon has a background in finance for 10 years and also works with a non-profit organization that supports the homeless. Naimah works in healthcare and Marcus works in real estate. They are not full-time brookies.

Jovon English had a simple concept for Milk and Brookies. One fine day, he was craving both a cookie and a brownie, so he explored it, and Milk and Brookies was the end outcome. In the Los Angeles region, they offer their products for sale via fairs and temporary businesses.

Founding the Milk and Brookies 

Similar to the traditional cronut, Milk, and Brookies is a creative mashup of brownies and cookies that is made in a cup of muffins.

The company has over eight different specialty Brookies including the O.G the Original. The business quickly became well-known.

Milk and Brookies

Shark Tank Appearance 

On Shark Tank, the trio asked for a $100,000 capital for 20% of their business’ share.

After giving a succinct and delicious presentation for Milk and Brookies, Marcus distributed samples of their Brookie combos. Although they seemed a bit expensive for Kevin O’Leary, the sharks adored them.

They all create time to take care of the basic requirements of the business. Profits so far have topped $14,000 and each product is freshly baked. The price of six Brookies is between $14 to $17, and they individually cost between 75 and 91 cents.

Mark thinks they ought to price either $9.95 or $30 for twelve goods. He left as he thought they were more of a sale of baked goods rather than the company. Although Robert Herjavec adored the Brookies, he was not willing to invest, therefore, he also exited. They had great personalities and great items, but Barbara Corcoran felt that they were too young. Lori Greiner concurred as well.

Sadly, there was no agreement, and Milk and Brookies left empty-handed.  

After Shark Tank 

After their debut on Shark Tank, the company’s revenue increased by nearly 3,000% right away. A 4-pack of Brookies now costs $24.00 without taxation and transportation, which is a significant hike from the previous price for one package.

When Milk and Brookies made an appearance on Shark Tank, the company had an estimated valuation of $500,000. However, as 2022 updates, Milk and Brookies continues to be in business, and their products could be purchased on the western coast’s Orleans and York deli franchises. Around $3 million is produced each year by Milk and Brookies.

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