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Most Authoritative Online Gambling Licensing Jurisdictions in the World




When you are looking to start an online gambling operation, or just join an online casino, it is vital to choose the correct licensing jurisdiction. There are many gambling jurisdictions to choose from across the world. Some, however, are more reputable and trustworthy than others. One of the essential functions of a gambling licensing jurisdiction is to prevent crime and protect the users from being harmed.  

There are many factors to take into consideration when choosing a licensing jurisdiction for your gambling operation, such as taxation, availability of banking options and regulatory environment. In this article, we will take a closer look at reputable licensing jurisdictions.

Isle of Man

The Isle of Man has become a well-known and popular place for conducting online business. The local government and regulators are pretty attentive to the development of the online gambling industry. This makes it possible to provide a high level of servicing and licences for online gambling operations. The high level of service‌ helps to attract more companies from all across the world. We can consider the Gambling Control Commission on the Isle of Man one of the most respected regulatory bodies regarding online gambling. 

The commission can issue two separate types of licences for online casinos and bookmakers. This will include poker rooms and sports betting websites. One requirement is that the applicant company has its headquarters based on the Isle of Man. The application procedure is not complicated at all, and they can send most of the necessary documents online, which will help in saving time and money. The commission also does not require a large amount of capital from companies that want to apply for new licenses. 

UK Gambling Commission 

The United Kingdom Gambling Commission is considered one of the most authoritative and trustworthy gambling licence issuers in the world. All gambling operators that are based in the UK or provide services to UK residents are required to be licensed through the UKGC. The UK GC issues a wide variety of gambling permits, and obtaining one should only take around 16 weeks. A list of brand new online casinos that are UKGC licensed can be found on their website. The UKGC also offers a variety of remote operating licenses for operators that provide remote services via websites, and this includes table games. The UKGC also works to protect people who might be vulnerable from being exploited by gambling operations via age verification; to accomplish this, the UKGC enforces several rules and regulations on gambling operations. Therefore, the UKGC can be considered a safe and reputable option as a license issuer. 


The Malta Gambling Licensing Jurisdiction, which is based in the capital city of Valletta, was established in 1965. In 1968, the government trusted the licensing to a particular agency named the Gaming Authority, which has also been responsible for regulating all gambling activities. 

Online gambling operators licenced in Malta are taxed at a lower rate than land-based casinos; this will no doubt be a drawing factor to those that choose to be licensed in Malta. Online gambling operations licensed in Malta will only be taxed at a 5% rate, while land-based casinos are taxed up to 30%. Besides this, the licensing fee in Malta is very reasonable in comparison to two other licensing jurisdictions.


Since 1996, Curacao has been a popular destination for online gambling operators. The gambling regulatory body in Curacao is known as the Curacao Gambling Board. The board consists of seven appointed members by the governor of Curacao. They are responsible for issuing licences to gambling operators and ensuring that they are in compliance with all licensing requirements and are also responsible for enforcing gaming laws and regulations. 


Each gambling licensing jurisdiction has its own unique benefits, and it is essential to do intensive research before deciding which jurisdiction will benefit your business the most. An entirely and correct licenced Casino is one that will be able to offer its customers increased levels of security and safety because the casino is guided by a set of rules and standards that are created and implemented for the purpose of creating a safe and fair gaming environment.  

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