P2P Sports Kodi Addon Installation Guide 2018 to Watch Sports Live

By | September 2, 2018

P2P Sports Kodi Addon Installation Guide 2018 to Watch Sports Live: Kodi has taken the world by storm with its high definition streaming, which comes absolutely free. Isn’t that a catch already? This free media player is designed to look great on the big screen television but is just as home on a small screen too. Kodi has a community like no other media player. It is the ultimate entertainment center software and plays almost every kind of media that you are looking for. However, please note that Kodi does not provide any media content of its own. Users have to provide their own content or manually enter the content they are looking for and point it to Kodi. It turns acts like the third party online service provider and allows users to watch media content from its own platform. Also, the project does not provide any support for bootleg video content. Kodi runs on a huge range of devices and operating systems which include Windows, OSX & iOS, Android, Linux and Raspberry Pi. One can also change the skin to have a new look too if needed.

P2P Sports Kodi Addon Installation Guide 2018 to Watch Sports Live

Now, when it comes to Kodi Live TV, there are a number of add-ons. There are many popular add-ons on Kodi that you can avail to watch Live TV. However, most of the third-party add-ons are not as reliable as they proclaim to be. These add-ons have servers that have erratic hosts, giving a troublesome experience o the user. Therefore, we have five of the best Kodi add-ons you could try from. They are as follows:

best Kodi add-onsRepository
cCloud TV (Community Cloud)https://github.com/kodil/kodil/tree/master/repo/repository.kodil/
USTVNow Plus
P2P Sports Kodi

When you are surfing Kodi, there is a huge chance you will be asked to try various add-ons, however, it would be beneficial for you and any other user to follow the most reliable and effective Kodi add-ons as mentioned above. For sports fanatics, who do not wish to miss out on any games, the P2P Sports Kodi add-on is the best option. It not only provides high definition media content, it is also a trusted one at it. This add-on uses peer to peer streaming technology. A user will have to have ace streamed installed on their devices in order to access this add-on.

Before we go ahead, let us give you a tutorial on how to install P2P Sports Kodi add-on on your device.

Install P2P Sports Kodi add-on:

As first, you will have to download the required zip file. The plug-in to download in ‘plugin.video.p2psport-master’ from any website like http://www.mediafire.com/file/aigltddcsnxiwel/plugin.video.p2psport-master.zip/ in order to install the add-on. Next, follow the steps:

  • First most, open Kodi. The home screen will appear as the image below. On the left side of the screen is the ‘Menu’ option. Click on the ‘Add-ons’ option.

Open kodi

  • Here, you will find a list of add-ons to choose from the categorized options. These add-ons are already installed in your option. You will find a ‘box’ option on the left side of the screen like this

list of add-ons to choose from the categorized options

  • Next, you will be taken to the addon installation page. From the options, there you will find the ‘install from zip file’, ‘recently updated’, my add-ons’, ‘search’ and ‘install repository’. As per the action is taken before, your zip file should have already been downloaded. Click on ‘install from zip file’.

click on install from zip file

  • Next, you are to navigate to the “downloads” section of your system where all the recent downloads are stored. You will find your zip file for the add-on there. It will be named plugin.video.p2psport-master.zip Click on this option to go ahead with the installation process of the add-on as shown in the image.


  • The installation will take a few moments time.

It will take a few seconds to install the zip file

Once the zip file is installed you will receive a notification about the add-on being installed and ready to use, once the download has been completed to Kodi. Once done, you can use the add-on on Kodi and stream your media content.

Follow these steps carefully and do not miss out or skip any for the download and installation process will be incomplete. This way you can get your add-on on Kodi for watching Live Sports on P2P Sport.

Now, let us move on to the ways in how to watch live sports on Kodi using the P2P Sports add-on.

How to Watch Live Sports Using P2P Sports Kodi Add-on

  • First, most things to do is to go back to the Home Screen by pressing the ESC button on the keyboard. Next, navigate to the video add-ons option on the Home Screen of Kodi. You will find the P2P Kodi Sports add-on. Tap on the ‘Video add-ons’ and a list of sports channel will appear on the screen.
video add-ons option

video add-ons option

  • Once the add-on option has been opened on the screen, you will find many channels. Some of them do not work however there are exceptions that will work just fine.
  1. Torrent-tv.ru (sport)
  2. livefootballol.com
  3. livefootballvideo.com
  4. 1torrent.tv etc.

sports channels listed

  • We will take the Torrent-tv.ru (sport) as an example to take you on a step by step guide to watching Live Sports.

The steps are:

  • First, click on Torrent-tv.ru (sport)

Navigate to Torrent-tv.ru (sport)

  • Upon entering the torrent-tv you will find many popular sports channel like Euro sports, CBC Sports, Viasat, Bt sports, Sky sports, sports, X sports, Sports 1+, Super Tennis HD, Setanta Tv sports, Real Madrid Tv and many other Russian Sports channel.

Real Madrid TV

  • Next step is to click on any of your preferred channel of choice from the many.
  • It will take a while to buffer, once the buffering is complete, you can start watching media content on that channel.


Similarly, you can follow the exact same steps as mentioned above and stream Live Sports on Kodi with these amazing add-ons available for the task. Get the one that you need and go ahead with the download and installation process to enjoy amazing, high definition streaming, absolutely for free. Currently, Kodi is the best option to stream media. As far as the cable is concerned, the rate will continue to rise. So, shift to a better and easily accessible way to watch your favourite sports LIVE.

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