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Smartphones won’t be as popular by 2030, Says Nokia CEO




Smartphones won’t be as popular by 2030, Says Nokia CEO

If we reflect on our habits today, we’d realize that the majority of our day is spent scrolling on our smartphones, either for work or for entertainment purposes. However, Nokia CEO, Pekka Lundmark, recently said in a statement that the demand and popularity of smartphones will likely reduce by 2030.

This isn’t the first time that Pekka had made comments concerning smartphones and the kind of impacts it has had on our lives. He even claimed that 6G mobile networks will be readily available by 2030. 

However, according to Pekka, the launch of 6G mobile networks will eventually impact and reduce the demand for smartphones in the world and will be replaced with smarter devices like wearables, microchipping, etc.

Pekka reiterates and highlights the subject saying that he thinks that the launch of the 6G networks will eventually revolutionize the horizon of technology, eliminating the relevance of smartphones eventually.

Although listening to this statement from the Nokia CEO in 2022 sounds absurd and unbelievable, there are possibilities for it to change and expand by the time 2030 rolls around. 

Currently, 5G mobile networks are working towards becoming a more mainstream inclusion in the industry. So, expecting the upcoming launch of 6G mobile networks is going to take a lot of time to be effective in the future.

In India, there is a gradual shift towards the 5G spectrum and the country is working with the consumers to make that shift a possibility. Telcos have deployed the 5G networks and have tested them across a wide range of available devices. However, they are a few restrictions and guidelines until it becomes fully operational across the country.

A few western countries like Japan, etc. have already started working on 6G technology, while India is a lot behind on that front. So, the timeline is quite different for different parts of the world, especially when it comes to mobile networks.

With 6G, not just a notion and a future possibility, the mobile network is expected to offer improved and higher computing power, making performance a lot faster and less hectic. Some of the data analysts even report that the 6G spectrum is expected to offer 1000x faster data speeds than what you’d expect in the current networks.

However, will this be enough to wipe out the need and demand for smartphones a decade down the line? We’d have to wait and watch at this point.

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