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Te’a Cooper – Net Worth, Life, And Biography




Te’a Cooper - Net Worth

The hardest thing in the world is not to motivate but to get motivated. There are many role models out there who you can look up to. There are many stars shining in various different fields. Moreover, we are in an era where we can easily get motivated and follow the steps of great legends to accomplish great things in life. 

Sports is one of the fields which attract people of all ages. Sports personalities are unique people who are meant to go through so many hurdles to achieve great heights in the sports industry. All the biographies of great sports players have an exclusive tail that might inspire many others. Here is one of the rising stars who took over the world within a few years. She has a great passion for basketball and excelled in that field and mist the pandemic situation.

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Te’a Omari Cooper is one of the rising stars. She has numerous followers and huge support from people. She has maintained an impressive net worth right from the beginning. Te’a Omari Cooper has a huge fan base as well. With her amazing talents, she gained popularity in no time. 

Though Te’a Omari Cooper has American citizenship but has a background of mixed heritage. She was born in New Jersey. Omar Cooper is the name of her father and Kindall Cooper is her mother. She has an elder sister and twin brothers. Mia is the name of her sister and Omar and Sharife are the names of her twin brothers. Sharife Cooper is a professional basketball player as well and he plays for the Atlanta Hawks. 

Te’a Omari Cooper shares her birthday with several other stars like Akon, Max Dressler, Charlie Chaplin and so many more. Te’a Omari Cooper is a very talented athlete with an amazing net worth that keeps increasing drastically.

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Early Life Of Te’a Omari Cooper

Te’a Omari Cooper was born on 16th April in 1997. Te’a Cooper is a professional American basketball player. She plays for Los Angeles Sparks. Te’a Cooper is one of the members of the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA). Te’a Cooper was made a free agent in the year 2020 after the pandemic hit as there were several budget cuts. 

The WNBA, abbreviated to Women’s National Basketball Association, is the professional league for basketball players. WNBA was founded in 1996 on April 22. The WNBA consists of twelve teams. On May 10 of 2022, it was announced that two new franchises will be established in the coming months but the timeline is not accurate. Currently, the commissioner of the WNBA, Cathy Engelbert carries out all the decisions regarding the Women’s National Basketball Association.  

She is an effective point guard player who is five feet eight inches tall. She made playing basketball her full-time career from the year 2020. Te’a Cooper went to McEachern High School where she played basketball in her freshman year. She exhibited extreme sportsmanship and stayed undefeated, as her team finished with 33-0. In the years 2012, 2014, and 2015 Te’a Cooper was awarded three Georgia 6 A state titles. She was also the co-MVP of McDonald’s all-America game in the year 2015. 

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Professional Life Of Te’a Omari Cooper

Te’a Omari Cooper was the eighteenth player who was selected by the Phoenix Mercury on the seventeenth of April 2020. But due to the effects of the global pandemic which resulted in budget cuts, Te’a Omari Cooper was a free agent of the team. Currently, Te’a cooper concentrates on gaining experience and improving her skills by getting guidance from the Los Angeles Sparks team players.

Te’a Omari Cooper having two assists has an average game time of 17 minutes. One of the best games of Te’a Cooper was played on August 13, 2020, against the Washington Mystics, where she earned 10 points along with three assists in a game time of 19 minutes. 

Net Worth Of Te’a Omari Cooper

The net worth of Te’a Omari Cooper is said to be around two million dollars. There are so many searches being carried out every single day regarding her age, height, net worth, biography, the teams she played for, and so on. Her net worth exponentially increased between the years 2020-2021. Te’a Omari Cooper’s net worth is estimated to rise up to and reach four million within 2022. 

Te’a Omari Cooper is said to receive around 60 thousand from the Sparks in the year 2020. It is believed to increase in the following years. Experts say that the maximum salary of a WNBA player can be between 228,000 to 60,450. 

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Personal Life Of Te’a Omari Cooper

  • Marital Status – She is single and not married. She dated and got engaged to Dwight Howard in the year 2019 but later went separate ways. Te’a Omari Cooper is now dating Alvin Kamara. Alvin Kamara is a football player and he plays for the team New Orleans Saints. 
  • Kids – She currently does not have any children.
  • The zodiac sign of Te’a Omari Cooper is Aries. 
  • Love for tattoos – Te’a Omari Cooper has two huge tattoos on both of her legs. 
  • Social Media – Te’a Omari Cooper has around 1.4 million followers on Instagram and she is very active on most social media platforms. She shares various stories and posts of different activities she performs on a daily basis. 

What Te’a Omari Cooper Did Over The Years?

She began her full basketball career in the year 2020, right when the global pandemic started. But that did not stop her from achieving her great career goals. Let’s do a short recap of what she did in the year 2021.

2021 Season

  • Te’a Omari Cooper played in 31 games in which she started 13 times.
  • She scored in double figures 13 times
  • She scored a twenty-point mark, three times.
  • Her average gameplay was 22 minutes.
  • Her average score is 9.1 points.
  • Her assists average is 1.4
  • She set a high record of 26 points in a game against the Washington Mystics which was held on the 24th of August.

Fascinating, isn’t it? So many milestones in a single season. Now moving on to the recap of the season 2020.

2020 Season

  • Scored an average of 7 points.
  • In the rookie season, she had an average of 2 assists. 
  • She played in 20 games that occurred in the year 2020. She stated in 3 of those.
  • Towards the end of the season, she was 7th in points and 8th in assists.
  • She had the highest of 15 points and 2 steals. 


  • Te’a Omari Cooper was signed to the Sparks team in the year 2020 on a single-season basis.
  • She resigned from the deal with Sparks in the 2021 off-season.
  • In 2022, Te’a Omari Cooper signed a qualifying offer with the same team, Sparks.

This is what happened during the initial stages of her fame. To get to know more about Te’a Omari Cooper here are a few facts about her.

Facts About Te’a Cooper

  • Te’a Cooper is a lover of pets. 
  • After her freshman year, she injured her left knee and she was sidelined for almost an entire season. 
  • She continued to work out even with her injured knee.
  • She finished college at Baylor.
  • Te’a Omari Cooper had a strong rookie season with coach Derek Fisher.
  • She played alongside Chelsea Gray, a legend.
  • Te’a Omari Cooper was also guided by the hall of fame stars Nneka Ogwumike and Candace Parker.
  • She graduated from college by majoring in interdisciplinary studies.
  • She appeared on a reality show on MTV. The name of the show was “True Life”.
  • Te’a Cooper is also the recipient of the scholarship Endowment – “Elinor F. Reed Women’s Basketball”.
  • You can find her being active on several social media platforms including Twitter and Instagram.

These are some of the facts about Te’a Cooper. By now you must have come to know a lot about the early life of Te’a Omari Cooper, and her personal and professional life. You might be surprised by how much she has achieved in such a short period. Te’a Omari Cooper is a social media influencer and role model for so many teenagers out there.

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1. What do we know about the early life of Te’a Cooper?

Te’a Cooper is a popular American basketball player, who was born to Omar and Kindall Cooper. She has three siblings and her brother Sharife Cooper is also a famous basketball player. Ever since their childhood, the siblings have had an interest in sports, hence they ventured into the same without any questions.

2. Is Te’a Cooper dating?

Te’a Cooper is currently engaged to her long-term boyfriend Dwight Howard and the couple has been together for many years now. They aren’t very public about their relationship, which is one of the reasons why not many are aware of their relationship.

3. Does Te’a Cooper have tattoos?

Te’a Cooper has tattoos on her body, which she believes are representative of the way she feels in the moment. The tattoos on her legs are the ones most popular in the area around.

4. Is Te’a Cooper on Instagram?

Te’a Cooper is quite popular on Instagram and has a dedicated following on the platform. Besides sharing new pictures and updates, Te’a has 1.4 million followers on Instagram and gains a lot of traction from her social media accounts, where she even promotes products and takes on sponsorships as well.

5. How much does Te’a Cooper earn yearly?

As a professional basketball player, reports suggest that Te’a Cooper earns around $60,000 in yearly income being the point guard in the infamous Los Angeles Spark team. A further breakdown reveals that her salary is $6,970 per season. The numbers do indicate that she isn’t the highest-earning basketball player in the lot.

6. Is Te’a Cooper a Millionaire?

If reports and online publications are to be believed, it is suggested that Te’a Cooper has a net worth of $4 million as of 2022. This is a clear indication of the fact that she is a millionaire. There are chances that she earns more through other avenues of income and investments.

7. Is Te’a Cooper the top earner in the basketball niche?

Given the breakdown of her salary per season and her annual income, we can conclude that Te’a Cooper is far from the top-earning basketball player on the team. It is most likely that she is starting hence her income will gradually increase.

8. Who is Tia Cooper’s father?

For those who aren’t aware, Te’a Cooper is the daughter of Omar and Kindall Cooper and has three other siblings too. There’s not much information about her early life besides that.


Te’a Omari Cooper is an icon, with so many achievements she remains unbeatable. She put in a lot of effort and tireless working hours to reach the place where she is right now. It is not easy to reach such great heights in such a short period of time. But she managed to do it by overcoming all the hurdles that came her way. Te’a Omari Cooper is already a famous personality and is liked by so many people around the world. 

Yash Dalmia is an Author here at Patty360. He is a passionate writer and a manager. He has also worked in many different websites as Author and content manager and has experience over 7yrs in this field.

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