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The Uncertain Fate of Pacific Rim 3: What Does the Future Look Like?




Pacific Rim 3

When it comes to exploring science fiction and giant monster movies, Pacific Rim is one of those franchises that don’t require an introduction. The first two installments, directed by Guillermo del Toro and Steven S. DeKnight, showcased colossal Jaegers battling monstrous Kaiju to save humanity.

The first movie was released in 2013 and the second one in 2018 and with the pattern, there were possibilities that the third one will be released in 2023. However, it doesn’t seem like that’s going to happen. The movie’s director, Guillermo del Toro has clarified that he doesn’t see the movie getting another release in the future.

If you are a fan of Pacific Rim and have been waiting for more news about Pacific Rim 3, we have all the details that you potentially need to know about the fate of the movie.

The Rise of Pacific Rim

Before we discuss the future of Pacific Rim 3 and whether or not it will happen in the future, let us take a walk down memory lane and see the uprise and popularity of the first two releases.

The inception of Pacific Rim was a testament to the creative genius of Guillermo del Toro. Released in 2013, the film offered a fresh take on the monster movie genre, blending colossal robots and otherworldly creatures in a battle for Earth’s survival.

What made the movie break all charts and records was its ability to deliver an immersive experience, combining awe-inspiring CGI, thrilling action sequences, and a human touch through its character development. In short, it managed to do something that no other film at the time was able to do or even think of doing.

The film’s uniqueness and homage to Japanese kaiju and mecha genres resonated with audiences, making it a standout entry into the world of blockbuster cinema.

What led to the Uncertainty of Pacific Rim 3?

Several factors contributed to the uncertainty surrounding Pacific Rim 3. One significant hurdle was the change in leadership and creative direction. Guillermo del Toro, the visionary behind the first film, did not return for the sequel.

This is not to say that Steven S. DeKnight did a bad job with Uprising but it simply didn’t click with much of the audience like it did with the first installment. Somehow, things ended up falling through for the fans.

Moreover, the shift in narrative focus and the introduction of new characters in Uprising led to divided opinions among fans. Some embraced the fresh perspective, while others longed for a return to the roots that made the first Pacific Rim a success.

But, it’s not just that. Creating a movie like Pacific Rim that relies so much on CGI, graphics, and animation involves an extensive amount of financial considerations, which didn’t make sense for the creators when it came to Pacific Rim 3.

The financial viability of a third film became a subject of intense scrutiny for the studio, especially in the competitive landscape of the blockbuster film industry. Also, the changing landscape of Hollywood has contributed to the sudden uncertainty surrounding the release of Pacific Rim 3.

Is ‘Guillermo del Toro Factor’ Responsible for the Potential Cancellation of Pacific Rim 3?

With Guillermo del Toro not returning for the film’s sequel, the fans remained hopeful that his return with Pacific Rim 3 will somehow end up changing the trajectory of the movie.

To be honest, if Pacific Rim 3 happens and Guillermo del Toro is the director of the movie, no force will be able to stop that movie from breaking all the box office records. 

Del Toro’s commitments to other projects, including his acclaimed work on “The Shape of Water,” and the demands of the film industry’s fast-paced nature, created logistical challenges for the realization of Pacific Rim 3. However, fans are still hopeful that something with change in the future and the movie will come to fruition under the direction of Guillermo del Toro.

However, in a few tweets made by del Toro, he has clarified that despite the love and expectations that he has received from the fans, he “Has no plans to return.” So, that is quite a bummer.

Will Netflix Fix the Issue?

The last Pacific Rim movie was released in 2018 and while there have been no movies in the franchise since then, Netflix released an animated version of it in 2021 titled “Pacific Rim: The Black.”

Not only did the movie gain quite a lot of traction, but the fans loved the animated version, which has left fans hopeful that Netflix might come out with a sequel to this animated version of the movie.

To be fair, Netflix hasn’t hinted at anything at all, and since it has only been two years since its release, expecting further news on it right away doesn’t seem plausible. So, it looks like we’d have to wait for further insights.

Where to Watch Pacific Rim Movies?

While you wait for more information about Pacific Rim 3 and its eventual release, we have to understand that the possibilities are extensive. Things can change at any given point in time. The possibility of del Toro returning is indeed slim but that doesn’t cancel the possibilities of the movie happening altogether.

So, until then, if you want to catch up with the first two movies, they are available to watch, stream, rent, or buy on multiple platforms, including Amazon Prime Video, Google Play, Apple TV, and many others. 

We’d recommend that you check what works best for you and then go ahead and opt for that mode of streaming or watching for maximum entertainment.


Pacific Rim 3, at this point, is uncertain. There is no concrete information regarding the movie’s fate and whether or not the directors plan to bring it back sometime in the future. As the wait continues, the fans remain hopeful of a future return of the movie to further expose them to a brand-new world where they get to witness colossal machines and monstrous creatures grace the big screen.

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