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5 Best Marketing Trends for Small Businesses in 2022




It’s common knowledge that the digital environment is always changing, with certain new digital marketing platforms and features being worthwhile investments despite their superficial allure. In 2022, small firms should concentrate on digital marketing trends expected to continue rapidly from 2021 (for example, video marketing and digital signage). Keep pushing forward with your digital marketing plans for 2022, ignoring short-term trends in favor of a more sustainable strategy.

Remember, in a fast-paced industry like digital marketing, where mistakes may have serious consequences; it’s crucial to maintain or even increase your position relative to the competitors. It’s easy to become overwhelmed and confused if you’re constantly getting different information on what you should be doing in terms of digital marketing. But in all honesty, you could probably be doing more or working more effectively to get better outcomes. The best digital marketing trends for small businesses to take advantage of in 2022 are as follows:

  • Video Marketing

It’s common knowledge that marketing via videos is where the industry’s headed. In light of the significant impact that video may have, a survey indicated that 26% of respondents want to improve their in-house online video skill sets. According to Google, YouTube reaches more people in the 18-49 age bracket than all traditional media outlets. As a result, postings that include images or videos get more attention than text-only ones.

No company can afford to treat video as an afterthought when planning its strategy. The potential for reaching out to more people and gaining their trust is enormous. It adds a more personal dimension to your brand, helping people connect with it deeper.

  • Digital signage 

Digital signage, often known as digital out-of-home media, is a kind of electronic billboard advertising delivered by displays, projectors or interactive touchscreens. In addition to bolstering a product’s reputation, this promotion has become a top method of getting a message to the general public.

Incorporating the right digital signage software, such as LOOK DS into a brand’s marketing initiatives is smart for several reasons.

  • Brand messages may be communicated uniquely and impactful, helping consumers retain this information over time.
  • It’s effective for marketing new goods and services since it makes a lasting impression on consumers.
  • When a firm uses a typeface or color that has come to symbolize itself, its goods and services become instantly recognized by consumers.
  • It contributes to increased client trust and loyalty.
  • Make use of influencer marketing

Marketers worldwide are beginning to see the potential of influencer marketing. Approximately 34% of international marketing professionals surveyed claimed they would increase spending on influencer marketing in 2022 more than any other digital marketing tactic.

Influencer marketing is a growing trend in which your rivals are likely already participating. If you aren’t taking advantage of it, you’re losing out. You wouldn’t want that, of course. Consequently, test out partnerships with influential people. Micro-influencers are more common than mega-influencers or superstars in marketing campaigns. As such, don’t fret if you can’t afford A-listers; very few people can.

As time has progressed, influencer marketing has gone from an intriguing fad to a widely used and extremely successful marketing strategy. Because influencers are experts in the fields or topics they discuss, they tend to dominate the social media platforms where they are present. Many people care about what influential people think and do; therefore, they have a built-in audience. Brand exposure and online participation may greatly increase when marketers work with compelling figures on social media.

  • SEO and User Experience

Better search engine rankings and more organic traffic (potential customers) may be yours when you focus on user experience and on-site SEO. These two forms of digital advertising complement one another to help firms expand their online visibility. All companies in 2022 should work on making their websites easy to use and interesting to visitors to maximize the number of leads and purchases they get.

  • Virtual Events

Bizzabo’s research predicts a 34% rise in virtual event attendance in 2021 and a growth of over 250% in live-streaming event participation. Attending events that may otherwise be beyond reach is a perk much appreciated by the public. Organizations may expand their customer base and promote their brand at a lower cost by holding virtual events. Virtual conferences are not only a possibility for start-ups and other small businesses. Larger corporations are beginning to see the advantages, as well.

The quality of your video material and allocating enough resources to the medium are critical to the success of your virtual event. Based on our findings, it’s clear that developing in-house expertise in online video production is a priority for many businesses. Similarly, the same abilities may be used when hosting and organizing online events. Opportunities for online events with audience participation have expanded thanks to services like YouTube Live, Twitter Live, and Zoom.

When planning your marketing strategy for 2022, you may need to veer from your traditional methods. It might include adding additional images and video and thinking about personalization across all touchpoints.

Yash Dalmia is an Author here at Patty360. He is a passionate writer and a manager. He has also worked in many different websites as Author and content manager and has experience over 7yrs in this field.

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