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Circadian Optics Net Worth 2023: How’s The Company Doing After Shark Tank?




Circadian Optics Net Worth

Circadian Optics is founded by Amber Long. It is a company that manufactures light therapy lamps. These lamps are designed to simulate daylight.

Amber created these light therapy lamps while working in a dark office in Minnesota. The aim was to reset her circadian rhythm or internal body clock. The lamps are capable of emitting light similar to the sun. The good thing about these lamps is that they can be used both at home or office. It helps improve attention, sleep patterns, energy, and emotions. The product is backed by university research.

Circadian Optics was featured in season 11 of Shark Tank and grabbed a deal from Mark Cuban and Lori Greiner. As of 2023, the estimated net worth of the company is $7 million.

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Establishing the Company

At Jack Link’s Beef Jerky, she had to work in a dark office. Due to this, she started suffering from the seasonal affective disorder. It disrupted her internal body clock, health, and sleep patterns.

Unable to cope with her situation, she decided to take the matter into her own hands. This led her to work on a light therapy lamp that would restore her circadian rhythm. She finally launched her company in 2015 and named it Circadian Optics.

The product is backed by several research studies. Before going to Shark Tank, Long’s company made sales of $7.4 million. She was generating an average annual revenue of $4 million.

Shark Tank Pitch

Amber Long was featured on season 11 of Shark Tank, where she proposed a deal of 10% equity for $750,000.

The sharks were extremely touched by her story. They were also equally impressed by the product. As a result, Long was offered multiple offers on the show. She agreed to the deal offered by Mark Cuban and Lori Greiner.

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After Shark Tank Pitch

According to reports, the deal with Lori and Mark never closed. Despite that, the company is still running successfully. They have introduced more new lamps in their collection. Now you can get these lamps in different sizes as well.

Circadian Optics lamps are available at various retail chains such as Best Buy and Walmart. You will also find the products on Amazon, which has received pretty good ratings.

The sales have increased steadily and the company is generating an average annual revenue of $4 million. These figures are expected to increase over time. The current net worth of the company is around $7 million.

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About the Founder

Amber Long is a native of Malaysia. She immigrated to the United States with her parents. The family settled in Bemidji, Minnesota.

Long attended Bemidji State University and completed her graduation in 2006. She holds a degree in communication and journalism. While she was still in college, she worked at Atech Scientific Measurement and Unilever.

She completed her MBA in 2010 from the University of Minnesota. Right after her graduation, she secured a job at Capsule. She also served as a brand manager for Jack Link’s Beef Jerky.

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1. What is Circadian Optics worth?

Circadian Optics is a famous brand that manufactures light therapy lamps, which are designed to simulate daylight. Amber Long created the brand with her husband Kin Mun Chew and although there are no exact numbers, it is safe to say that they have booked around $7.4 million in lifetime sales. 

2. How much has Circadian Optics made?

Thanks to their unique idea, it wasn’t surprising that Circadian Optics has been nothing but profitable since the launch of their business. Following its appearance on Shark Tank, the brand has been consistently making over $4 million in annual revenue.

3. How much was the pitch of Circadian Optics on Shark Tank?

Amber Long took her brand, Circadian Optics, on Shark Tank with the hope to raise a good amount in funding. Her pitch involved raising $750,000 from the Sharks for 10% equity. With this kind of business model and idea Long had, she managed to get pretty great deals and settled on the ones offered by Mark Cuban and Lori Greiner.

4. Where is Circadian Optics available for purchase?

Circadian Optics is available for purchase on their official website. Besides that, their products are also available for purchase at Walmart and Best Buy. She also sells the products online on Amazon, which has further made the availability widespread.

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