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How to Quickly Learn to Program in Python?




How to Quickly Learn to Program in Python?

Python. What do you imagine when you read that word? Just be honest! If your first thought was reptilian, then the programmer test, alas, fails. But all is not lost. Python is a programming language that even children can master.

Many popular sites, such as YouTube or a world-famous casino online, are written in Python. Imagine, your child can create a useful website or his own program or game in just three months. Wouldn’t that be great?

And now we’ll tell you more about what Python is and how quickly a child can learn to program from scratch.

Why Python and Why Learn It

There are a large number of programming languages: JavaScript, PHP, Kotlin, Typescript and others.

But we recommend starting with Python. Why?

  • This language is relatively easy to understand, unlike other programming languages. For example, writing code in Python is easier to learn than in Java. And that’s a big advantage for kids and teens. Once a child starts learning Python, they’re more likely to get involved and keep learning. Because writing code is intuitive thanks to the uncomplicated syntax.
  • The principle of coding in other languages is very similar to Python. So Python is a good springboard for learning more advanced programming languages. It’s much easier to learn C++ or Java with Python to spare.
  • Even though Python is fairly simple, it often underpins many of the programs or websites you know. For example, Google uses Python as a search engine component, and Spotify uses it for data analytics. It’s a versatile language: knowing only Python will keep a programmer in demand.
  • Python is applicable in almost any field and won’t lose its relevance for another 20-30 years. This is considering that the language was created in 1991!
  • Anyone can program in Python. And for free! Enough to install the program on your computer and start writing code. We will share the installation instructions below.
  • Python is so popular that there are many social networking sites and useful forums where you can get help if you don’t understand something. And there you can learn first-hand about real experiences of like-minded people: how they managed to find a job or choose an educational institution.

What Are the Prospects for a Python Developer?

QA “Quality Assurance” is an easy start for an IT career. QA engineers control the quality of a product (mobile app or software) during the development stages. Python scripts are needed for testing, checking if the product is working properly, if there are possible bugs and errors.

Python language is often used by data analysts. Manually it’s difficult to manage, sort and analyze a huge amount of information. Therefore for such purposes involve Python-developers, who write code for specific tasks.

Knowledge of Python simplifies the work and system engineers. Programming skills in Python allows you to set up, maintain computer networks, office equipment and PCs faster.

The knowledge of Python is useful as IT professionals, as well as schoolchildren and students. For example, Python scripts can be used to automate many everyday tasks:

  • Renaming a large number of files at one time.
  • Converting a file to another file type (e.g., getting Jpg files from a Pdf presentation and vice versa).
  • Removing repetitive words in a text document.
  • Performing mathematical operations.
  • Sending email messages.

What Is Written in Python

Python is everywhere, despite the variety of programming languages! It’s written in it for many of the programs we use every day. Let’s look at the most popular uses of the language.

Web Development

Python is most often used in web development pages or applications. The most famous are UBER, Dropbox, Pinterest, and Reddit.


Python is suitable for writing games of varying complexity. Many popular games are written entirely or partially in Python. For example:

  • World of Tanks.
  • Battlefield 2.
  • The Sims 4.
  • Civilization IV.
  • EVE Online.

Data Science

Big companies are reverent about data analysis. It is not done by people, but by programs written in Python. IT specialists decipher the data and tune the programs, helping companies to quickly correct errors. As a result of the analysis an algorithmic model is built, which can be used for solving business, scientific and everyday problems.

Bots for Social Networks

Coding in Python for Uber is certainly good. But we advise beginners to start with chatbots. They are present in almost all social networks and perform different tasks: accept payments, update information about currency exchange rates, choose a closet from a photo.

Megan is Senior Editor at Patty360. Megan has worked as a News reporter at various big media house previously, covering news related to YouTube, creators/influencers and video games. She always loves to discuss things related to new technology. To get in touch with Megan for news reports she has published you can email her on or reach her out in social media linked below.

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