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Tessa Gräfin von Walderdorff – Net Worth, Life, And Biography




Tessa Gräfin von Walderdorff - Net Worth

Tessa June von Walderdorff belonged to a noble German family. She created a reputed and reliable source of income for herself and made her net worth high. She managed to create a unique identity for herself by excelling in her career. Countess Tessa June von Walderdorff is married and has a beautiful girl and she is also expecting another one soon. Read through to know more about Countess Tessa June von Walderdorff’s life, her biography, her net worth, personal and professional career life and so much more.

Tessa Gräfin von Walderdorff, also known as Countess Tessa June von Walderdorff, was born on 20th of February in 1994. She was born in the City of New York, United States of America. Tessa Hilton, is her name after marriage. Tessa Gräfin is a model, broker for real estate, and socialite. She has also worked as a disc jockey (freelancer), she also did quite a few short films and is the author of the magazine named”I Love You” and German fashion.

By birth, Tessa Gräfin von Walderdorff belonged to the family of Walderdorff. Walderdorff is known to be an honourable family in German. The family of Walderdorff belongs to the Rhineland of the Uradel. They are said to have strong ties to the historic Catholic church. From 1657, the seat of the family was in Westerwaldkreis at Molsberg Castle. The family members held the rank of “Imperial Knight” and later their rank was elevated to “comital” by the Roman Emperor. After getting married to Barron Nicholas Hilton 2, she also became the Hilton’s Family member. Moving forward to the early life of Tessa Gräfin von Walderdorff.

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Early Life Of Tessa Gräfin von Walderdorff

On the 20th February of 1994, Tessa Gräfin von Walderdorff was born in the City of New York, the United States of America. Her father was Count Franz von Walderdorff who was an artist and a photographer and her mother name was Anna-Sabrina Brühwiler who was also a renowned artist. And her father contributed to her German heritage whereas, her mother contributed to her Danish, Swiss, German and French heritage. The first language Tessa Gräfin spoke was French and later she became very fluent in English and German.

Tessa Gräfin is one of the members of the noble Walderdorff German family. She is also the successor of the morganatic Wittelsbach house, who prevail over the Bavaria Kingdom. The House of Wittelsbach is a German Dynasty. They possess branches which have ruled over territories like the Palatinate, Bavaria, Holland and Zeeland, Hungary, Sweden, Bohemia, Greece and many more. The House of Wittelsbach ruled over the Bavaria Kingdom till 1918.

As a kid, Tessa Gräfin spent most of her time at Schloss Höfling. Schloss Höfling is an old castle built in Regensburg, Bavaria. It was taken for lease by the Walderdorff family for one hundred years from the year 1985. Count Hugo von Walderdorff was the paternal grandfather of Tessa Gräfin who escaped from Germany during the time of  World War 2, to avoid the recruitment which will be forcefully conducted to join the Hitler’s Youth. Tessa Gräfin’s paternal grandmother was the Princess’s daughter Therese zu Löwenstein-Wertheim-Rosenberg. Her name was Countess Marie Josepha von Ballestrem. Tessa Gräfin has a sister named Countess Mia Rose von Walderdorff, she is the younger one.

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Professional Life Of Tessa Gräfin von Walderdorff

During the Paris Fashion Week and New York Fashion Week in the years 2013 and 2012 respectively, Tessa Gräfin worked as the production assistant for the company Holly Li Productions. The first film debut of Tessa Gräfin was in 2017 for the movie by Bylan Verrechia, the name of the movie was Rosewood: The Best Version of Yourself. In the movie ‘Spring to Winter’ which is yet to be  released, she portrayed the character of Jessica Cabot. Tessa Gräfin discovered her lover and passion for music when she was in Berlin. With her experience and knowledge in playing classical piano, Tessa Gräfin started off to be a DJ freelancer. She also started to produce music on her own.

Tessa Gräfin worked as a sales excecutive for the company Hilton and Hyland which is a real estate company and it  is owned by Jeffrey Hyland. Jeffrey Hyland is known to have handled more than several billion dollars in real estate. She was able to work in this firm as she was a licensed real estate agent.

Not stopping here, Tessa Gräfin von Walderdorff is also a writer. She wrote two short story collections and is currently publishing a children’s book series with Full Cycle Publications. She writes for “I love you” magazine which is Berlin-based. In September 2018, Tessa Gräfin modelled for the 2019 spring collection in Marcel Ostertag show, during Fashion Week – New York.

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Personal Life Of Tessa Gräfin von Walderdorff

Tessa Gräfin von Walderdorff went to the Ross School located in East Hampton in New York City. Tessa Gräfin is also a graduate of Bard College in the year 2016. She is double majoring in French and Written arts. She was also an active team member of her college tennis team. Tessa Gräfin and Barron Nicholas Hilton II first met in a restaurant in the year 2016 at Saint Barthélemy.

Barron Nicholas Hilton and Tessa Gräfin got engaged on the 17th of September 2017 at Central Park and announced their big news through Instagram, a social media platform. The lovely couple ties the knot at Gustavia. They had two wedding ceremonies. The first wedding was in the civil ceremony at the town hall during the year 2018 on June 1st. Followed by a fully religious ceremony a day later on 3rd June 2018 in the  St. Bartholomew’s Anglican Church. Followed by their reception which was held at the Villa La Plage.

In the mid of September 2019, Tessa Gräfin announced her pregnancy and on the 11th of March 2020, they were blessed with a baby girl. Who they named as Milou Alizée Hilton. The couple was greatly joyed by this event and received well wishes from all over the world.

Barron Nicholas Hilton II and Tessa  Gräfin are currently awaiting their another child. The couple stated that they were very excited and said, “it wasn’t planned, but we’ve realized that the best things in life never are” in an interview. It is believed that the name of their second child will be extra special by having an even more unique name than their first child’s. They have also mentioned that they will not know the gender of the baby until it’s born.

The name of their firstborn baby girl, Milou Alizée Hilton has a very special significance. “Alizée” means ‘Trade winds’ in French and “Milou” is from the place “Pointe Milou in St. Barts”, Which is where they first met. Tessa Gräfin is active on several social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc.

Von Walderdroff is said to be five feet six inches tall. She has golden hair and black eyes. Tessa Gräfin loves and enjoys eating Italian cuisine. Her favourite actress is Emma Stone and favourite actor is “Tom Cruise”, Tessa Gräfin prefers the colour black. Hobbies of Tessa Gräfin include travelling and visiting places. Tessa Gräfin dances, sings, reads and writes in her leisure time. Tessa Gräfin loves to shop. The zodiac sign of Tessa Gräfin von Walderdroff is Pisces.

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Net Worth Of Tessa Gräfin von Walderdorff

Tessa Gräfin is a writer of children’s books, a real estate salesperson, works for a Berlin-based firm, and also joins forces with her father-in-law, Richard Hilton. This has resulted in having a huge net worth of 500,000 American dollars. This is as of the year 2021. Tessa Gräfin is rich and famous.

Tessa Gräfin is a brave woman who has many talents and skill sets. She influences various people through social media platforms and is known to be very responsible. Tessa Gräfin also contributes to the welfare of others and takes part in promoting equality. She is considered to be an inspiration to many women out there.


To conclude, Tessa Gräfin is a renowned model, real estate broker and American Socialite. She has a high net worth because of her outstanding career. Tessa Gräfin has several income sources and that is known to be the reason for her high net worth. It is always a good thing to have multiple income sources. Tessa Gräfin continues to improve her reputation and expand her sources. She is currently very excited about her second child who is on the way. Not only her, but a lot of their family members, friends and social media followers are also excited about that. Tessa Gräfin continues to excel in her career.

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