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Rob Dyrdek Net Worth in 2023: His Wealth Will Surprise You!




Rob Dyrdek Net Worth

Rob Dyrdek is a skateboarding legend and entrepreneur in one. He has never been afraid to branch out to other things, this confidence to do new things and to start new businesses is what led to him steadily growing his net worth to over $50 million. There very few other skateboarders who have gone on to do so much, only Tony Hawk comes to mind. Whilst Hawk grew his brand with games, Dyrdek went on to make most of his money from the big screen. Working with the people at MTV gave him a great platform for getting his name out there and he’s never looked back.

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Early life

Rob Dyrdek was born on the 18th of June, 1978, in Kettering Ohio. Dyrdek was always into skateboarding, even as a young kid, he would regularly spend his school days dreaming of the tricks he would be doing when he got home. This complete obsession led to him getting his first sponsorship at just 12 years old. Meaning, technically, he was a professional skateboarder at 12. At age 16 Dyrdek dropped out of high school, took himself to California to try and make it big time. It quickly paid off.

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Skateboarding Career

Dyrdek wasn’t in California very long before his gamble paid off. Just before he left he started his brand, Alien, and kept them as one of his “sponsors” ever since. This gave him the confidence to seek out the clothes liner “Droor” that later rebranded to DC shoes. This allowed Dyrdek to work with another world-renowned skateboarder, Danny Way, although it took them a fair few years before they met. Danny way is perhaps most well known for his insanely quick run down the mega ramp, a huge skateboard ramp that Bob Burnquist built in his garden.

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Television and Film

Rob Dyrdek partnered with MTV to work for various shows, before eventually creating his show “Fantasy Factory”. This show revolved around him and his friends goofing off, skating, doing crazy stunts and holding cool competitions. It offered a platform for Dyrdek to get his name out there more publicly and generated a lot of advertising revenue too. He was also included in various skateboarding games, including skate 1 and skate 2, which offered him a nice frequent royalty sum. Making money as a skateboarder is very hard unless you can achieve stardom, to achieve stardom you need to be in the public eye. Dyrdek knew this, that’s why he is as successful as he is. He is one of a kind.

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As a skateboarder, Dyrdek has never been afraid to push the boundaries of what’s been done before. This has led to him accumulating a decent amount of world records. Here are the ones he currently holds:

  • Longest 50-50 rail grind.
  • Longest boardslide.
  • Highest skateboard ramp jump into the water.
  • Furthest reverse ramp jump by way of a car.

Net Worth

As you can see, Rob Dyrdek has worked hard to generate such a high net worth. $50 million is a lot of money, that most people will never even make a small percentage of. Dyrdek gambled on himself and it paid off. Dyrdek will likely be worth far more by the time he finally gives it all up.

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