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Bader Shammas Net Worth – How Much is his Income in 2023?




Bader Shammas Net Worth

Before you get confused thinking you don’t know who Bader Shammas is and why he has the level of popularity that he has, let us rewind a little bit first. Bader Shammas is a renowned Saudi Arabian financier. But, when it comes to his celebrity status and his popularity, it comes from the fact that he is Lindsay Lohan’s boyfriend.

Shammas was initially working and based out of Kuwait but he recently moved to UAE and is an active vice president at Credit Suisse, a leading international assets firm. Despite being so much in the limelight, Shammas likes to protect his privacy online.

This article will explore more about Shammas’ life, his net worth, and his relationship with Lindsay Lohan.

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Early Life

Bader Shammas doesn’t have very much public information online, especially because he wants to keep his private life, private. Although his birthday isn’t exactly known, it is estimated that Shammas is currently in his thirties.

Shammas completed his graduation from the University of John H. Skye College of Business, followed by another degree at the University of Tampa.

Although not much is known about his parents, recent reports suggest that Shammas has a Lebanese descent.

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As we mentioned earlier, Shammas kickstarted his career in finance and business in Kuwait. He was primarily working in the wealth management sector and is currently working as the Vice President at a popular company called Credit Suisse. 

Besides this, Shammas also has a history of working at BNP Paribas. There isn’t much information about his career besides this.

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Personal Life

Shammas is hands down one of the most private people, despite dating a popular Hollywood celebrity, Lindsay Lohan. The two have been together for quite some time now, but have managed to keep their relationship out of the public eye.

However, in 2021, Lindsay deleted her post with Shammas, which started rumors that the two might have broken up. There is no official confirmation of it.

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Net Worth

Bader Shammas currently has a net worth of $100 million. Although the exact number of difficult to disclose, most of his income comes from him being the vice president at Credit Suisse. Besides that, he also actively invests, which adds to his income and net worth.


If you were clueless about Bader Shammas and wanted more insights into his career, personal life, and net worth, we hope this article gives you all the details.

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