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Lyn Alden’s Latest Net Worth in 2023




Lyn Alden's Latest Net Worth

Lyn Alden Schwartzer is an investor and financial writer with a net worth of $750,000. She mainly focuses on financial modelling and macro economics to guide her investing strategy.

She graduated from Penn State University with a Bachelor’s in Electrical and Electronics Engineering and later got a masters in Engineering Management. She has worked for over a decade in the aviation industry at William J. Hughes Technical Center. Starting as an electronics engineer, before moving into project management and engineering finance.

Alden founded Lyn Alden Investment Strategy in December 2016 – a market and investment research firm. As stated on her personal site – Lyn has over 15 years experience researching investments in both public and private capacities.

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Despite having a successful career, Lyn had a tough upbringing. As a child she was homeless for several years with her mother – living in homeless shelters, motels and even in a car for a while. Eventually Lyn’s standard of living improved and lived with her father in a trailer park until she left for college at 18. To get through university she relied on a $50,000 student loan and part-time jobs to fund her education.

Luckily, now at 29 her finances are in a much stronger place! She cleared her student debt, has a six-figure investment portfolio and significant savings set aside for the future. A combination of a decent salary from her day job, minimalist lifestyle, investing and side hustlers have helped build her wealth.

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Lyn started following Bitcoin in 2017 but didn’t take a position. Initially, she was slightly bearish as the market was highly saturated with speculators. In April 2020, she turned bullish and bought some BTC at around $6900 – currently up 500% at today’s price despite the recent dip. She regularly appears on popular podcasts as people love hearing Lyn’s brilliant insights around financial markets, economic history, market cycles and forecasts.

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Lyn Alden Gender

Strangely a lot of people are interested in Lyn’s gender. She has never publicly shared any information about previously being a man or trans. The topic is irrelevant, she is an intelligent investor and built up a large following because of her excellent analysis.

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1. What do we know about Lyn Alden’s Early life?

Despite her popularity, there’s not much information available about Lyn Alden’s early or personal life. It is believed that she was born in 1990 in Atlantic City and faced homelessness with her mother when she was young. That was one of her motivating drives to work on herself and do better in life.

2. Where did Lyn Alden study?

Since her childhood, Lyn Alden experienced poverty and a lot of complications growing up. With her parents and her going through difficult circumstances, Lyn Alden knew that she had to go to college to turn her and her parents’ fortune around. To do that, she acquired $50,000 in student loans to attend Penn State University where she completed her engineering.

3. When did Lyn Alden start her investment journey?

It is believed that Lyn Alden got into an investment at a very early age and kickstarted her career in it when she was in college. But, not just that, in 2016, Alden set up the Lyn Alden Investment Strategy, which took a few years to be picked up by the media. Following that, she witnessed a downpour of investors showing interest in her work.

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