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Jeremy Dewitte – Net Worth, Life, And Biography




Jeremy Dewitte - Net Worth

Jeremy Charles Dewitte, born on the 10th of February, 1980 is a habitual sex offender, felon, and police officer impersonator. He was the founder and the owner of Metro-State Special Services, an Orlando-based funeral escort company in Florida. Jeremy Charles Dewitte is currently imprisoned. He has committed several crimes like felony wiretapping, domestic violence and so many more.

Early Life Of Jeremy Dewitte

Jeremy Charles Dewitte was born in the country of Pasco which is situated in Florida. He was born to Ursula Dewitte-Vogt (mother) and Victor Dewitte (father). He shortly attended Valencia Community College but failed to graduate. In the year 1998, during a police investigation, he was accused on the grounds of stealing gasoline. 

Jeremy Charles Dewitte reportedly flashed his fake patrol badge and told the gas station workers that he was a law enforcement officer and would come back to pay for the purchased gas the very next day. Soon after this incident, he was convicted and charged for his first ever police impersonation. In the year 2005, he was convicted and charged with Lewd and Lascivious Battery against a minor victim below the age of 15. He continues to claim to this very day to have met the minor victim in a bar, claiming that she owned a fake ID, but in reality, the harassed victim was the child of his friend, whom Jeremy Dewitte was entrusted to supervise. As a consequence of his conviction, he is currently registered as a sex offender. He has also received several other additional charges for failing to register.

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Jeremy Charles Dewitte’s Criminal Record

During the year 2010, Jeremy Charles founded Metro-State Special Services which is a business providing funeral escorts. This business utilizes both motorcycles and cars. He directly used his business as an instrument to impersonate law enforcement agencies. Jeremy Charles selected uniforms that were very identical to the uniforms of law enforcement agencies, equipped his vehicles with sirens and lights, and referred to his “workers” as “officers”. There were 1099 exact contractors in his business.

Jeremy Charles always carried a pepper ball gun, a badge similar to the one owned by police officers, handcuffs, a duty belt, and even wore a bulletproof vest all the time. During funeral escorts, Jeremy was well known for stopping motorists and other drivers, blocking crossroads, and handling traffic without any authorization. He even repeatedly criticized citizens by referring to and calling them out in an inappropriate manner, attempting to provoke fights, and yelling at them to “get out of his funeral”. He often drove his motorcycle at a speed of 100mph on small streets, and crossed double yellow lines and sidestepped in and out of heavy traffic. Dewitte along with his employees once shut down all routes of Interstate 95 close to Daytona without any authorization.

Following an arrest, numerous phones and cameras that belonged to Jeremy Dewitte were confiscated as evidence. By this time, it was brought to the attention of the police that, in an attempt to imitate law enforcement officers, Dewitte had been recording all escorts through his body camera. He also continually recorded phone conversations between individuals, most of all his mistress. As a result of all the tapped footage, Jeremy Dewitte was given additional charges for impersonation and felony wiretapping. 

All the footage that was obtained got more than a million views on Youtube for all the outrageous acts and stunts that were performed that were recorded on the bodycam worn by him.

Famous channels posting about the footage of Jeremy Charles Dewitte included Real World Police, Police Tube, Blue Bacon, and Fraudie International Operations. Some consider Dewitte to be a funny person. Previous to his current confinement, Jeremy Charles Dewitte appeared on the Dr. Phil show, where he tried to prove that the law enforcement agency was going after him and his business for unfair reasons.

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Conviction Of Jeremy Charles Dewitte

Footage tapes of Jeremy Charles Dewitte constantly disproved all his lies that were told on various occasions. One remarkable example was the fact that he has declared himself to be an army veteran numerous times, though he never actually served the military. He repeatedly wears military clothes and other items that might make him seem like a veteran to others. 

Dewitte has been reported and arrested for domestic violence several times, against his wife and his mistress, including an event where he threw a mobile phone directly at his wife’s head. The valid claims made by his mistress are under inspection by some, as she is also a liar just like Jeremy Dewitte, who is also a compulsive liar. 

Evidence to indicate that Dewitte’s mistress has provided incorrect statements and has reported Dewitte to a law enforcement agency for personal gain does exist with some probability to some extent.

Jeremy Dewitte has just been sued for committing insurance fraud concerning a past incident where Dewitte’s brother, Dillon Vogt, got into a small accident with a taxi driver during a funeral escort. Jeremy Dewitte falsely proclaimed to be the driver, as well as registered excessive damages caused to his motorcycle. Other cases of financial crimes committed by Jeremy Dewitte are being investigated.

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Sentencing Of Jeremy Dewitte

Jeremy Dewitte was sentenced to 110 days in prison, which ended in September 2021. After this, he was given 18 more months as an additional sentence. Currently, Jeremy Dewitte is held inside the Orange County Jail. He was convicted on the grounds of unauthorized police officer and impersonation which is a third-degree felony. 

Evidence obtained from the body camera tapes made him get additional charges for felony wiretapping. Jeremy Dewitte served a year for sexually assaulting a minor and spent five years on probation as a sex offender. He got another felony charge for leaving the state for four consecutive days without informing the Sheriff’s office, which he is supposed to do as he was in his probation period.

Many victims of Jeremy Dewitte are not coming forward to testify against him, so there is a high probability of him being sentenced to heavy charges. 

Personal Life

Jeremy Charles Dewitte is said to have a wife who was five years younger than him. Rania is an immigrant from Egypt. They both tied the knot in 2005. Her name was Rania and is believed to have a special place in the heart of Jeremy Charles Dewitte. In an interview, Jeremy Charles Dewitte stated that he never lost interest in Rania. Rania on the other hand never discusses her personal life in interviews. Though he was known to be a victim of Domestic violence. They stayed married for more than 17 years. 

Net Worth Of Jeremy Dewitte

The net worth of Jeremy Charles Dewitte is known to be around 200,000 American dollars. This business, the funeral escort, makes around 54,000 dollars a year. His business was a great hit and he made a lot of money out of it. 

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1. Is Jeremy Dewitte married?

Jeremy Dewitte is married for 16 years and his wife’s name is Rania Abdelrahman. Although there isn’t much information about his wife and her whereabouts, it is believed that she is an Egyptian immigrant, who settled in the United States, following her marriage with Dewitte in 2005.

2. What is Jeremy Dewitte’s net worth?

Although there are no official reports or justification for the number, it is believed that Jeremy Dewitte’s net worth is $200,000. Reports from leading news outlets suggest that he wired in $54,000 from the funeral home each year and the rest was from the felonies he committed along the way. The net worth is more of a ballpark since there’s no official way to confirm the same.

3. How old is Jeremy Dewitte?

Despite being publicized recently for his crimes and acts of a felony, Dewitte led a very subdued and undercover life, hence there’s not much information available about him online. However, the current reports suggest that he is most like 41 years old. The precise date of birth or his age isn’t known yet. There is also no information about Dewitte’s parentage or where he comes from since most of the information is classified from the public record.

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Closing Note

Jeremy Charles Dewitte never accepted any of the charges that were placed against him. He always played an innocent role. He keeps justifying himself and acts defensive all the time. He has an excuse for all the charges against him and he is always looking for a way out. He can never be trusted because all that comes out of his mouth are lies. 

Some believe that he might have a disorder that makes him react and behave in this manner. But he appears perfectly normal to others. He somehow figures out a way to blame others for his mistake, he has never owned up to anything he has committed so far. He makes excuses for all his actions. Though there might be solid evidence to prove him guilty he still spills lies over and over again. Jeremy Dewillte also keeps on changing his story though he is well aware that all the versions of his story are recorded. He seems to be a disturbed adult.

Jeremy Dewitte has caused discomfort to so many people during his impersonation campaign. The only way to stop him from committing further felonies is by putting him behind bars for a very long time. But not to worry, the actual law enforcement agencies are already on it. They are so motivated and highly driven to put him behind bars for the crimes he has committed regardless of his claim of being innocent.

The hearing of Jeremy Dewitte gets rescheduled as there are so many files of evidence that are being discovered and all the obtained evidence is overwhelming. All this evidence when presented in the right manner in court will surely put Jeremy Dewitte behind bars for a very long time.

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