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Alfie Deyes Net Worth in 2022 – British YouTuber is Worth Millions!




Alfie Deyes Net Worth

From humble beginnings to a million-dollar YouTube empire, Alfie Deyes has seen it all. His six-figure dollar earnings have skyrocketed over the years and show no signs of stopping anytime soon. 

Deyes is a famous vlogger and YouTube personality, with most of the following coming from the UK. His motto “it’s completely fine to be pointless, you should just have fun” has landed him a net worth of $5 million in 2020. 

BORN 17 September 1993
MAIN INCOME Vlogging, YouTube, Social Media
SIDE INCOME Deals, book sales, property investments
AWARDS Bestselling book (non-fiction genre) for 2015 UK

Success in the Entertainment Industry

Many people often wonder how Deyes is so rich? But, the truth is, Deyes started from very humble beginnings and took his time to reach stardom. He created his channel “PointlessBlog” back in 2009, and for the first couple of years, he got around 1,000 views on his videos.

As the years passed, his success grew rapidly, and in 2016, he was at 5.5 million subscribers, with 480+ million views in total.  He won fans over with amazing content and fun, relatable vlogs people could enjoy.

Soon, he opened new channels, and PointlessBlogVlogs reached a staggering 4.1 million subscribers and 880+ million views in total. Now he earns $24k from the second channel “Alfie Deyes” annually, almost $95k from the main channel, and around $4k from “PointlessBlogGames” yearly from ads on his videos. (This doesn’t include brand deals).

Most of his revenue came from vlogs and social media. He has around 4 million Instagram followers and 3.2 million on Twitter, which have paved the way for more opportunities and better deals.

But, his success didn’t end here, at the end of 2013, he popped up on Yahoo! News as one of the top 12 entrepreneurs to watch. A month later, he was on the cover of Company magazine. To add more to his revenue, Deyes published a book titled “The Pointless Book.” Even though it was heavily criticized for its pointless content, the book still got immense attention and opened the way for the second book, “The Pointless Book 2,” to be released the next year in 2015. It was the bestselling book in the non-fiction genre in the UK.

As an influential role model, Alfie Deyes participated in multiple campaigns for health issues and bullying to spread awareness and help people overcome various difficulties.

What Does Deyes Spend His Fortune On?

When Deyes was interviewed a while ago, on what he likes to spend his fortune on, he quickly responded that he is not a reckless spender. He would rather buy sneakers, then luxury goods like yachts and fancy cars. Deyes stated he is very conservative with his spending and would like to be better equipped for progressing in his career, so he decides to invest.