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Tailgate N Go Net Worth 2023: What Happened After Shark Tank?




Tailgate N Go Net Worth

Tailgate N Go is the creation of Kobe Johnson, a deaf entrepreneur. He is living proof of the fact that nothing can stop you if you put your mind to it.

Kobe happens to be the first deaf entrepreneur to appear on Shark Tank. He came on the show with his family members and secured a deal from Matt Higgins.

Tailgate N Go is outdoor kitchen equipment. The estimated net worth of the company is $2.5 million. To know more about the founders and the product, give this post a read.

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Shark Tank Pitch

The Johnson family appeared on Shark Tank with the hope of raising funds to expand their business. Their objective was to reduce production costs and devise a proper marketing plan.

The trio was featured in the eleventh season of the show, where they proposed 10%e equity for $250,000. The Sharks were impressed by their strong presentation.

They were offered a deal by Kevin O’Leary, but the family had to turn it down. Then Matt Higgins proposed a deal of 20% equity for $250,000 and a $50 per unit royalty until the loan is paid.

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After Shark Tank

After the Shark Tank episode, the company made $400,000 in sales. Higgins then helped them get a licensing deal with NCAA and NFL.

Tailgate N Go now have new kit accessories that are available on their official website as well as on Amazon.

Unfortunately, the company was hit hard during the COVID pandemic. The NFL edition is available at $1995. As per calculation, the company is required to sell 500 units per year to generate sales of $1 million.

As per sources, the company is making a yearly revenue of $1 million. They have a Facebook page that is rated 4.1 stars by 11 users. As of 2023, the estimated net worth of the company is $2.5 million.

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About the Founders

Kobe, Taylor, and Ron Johnson hail from Grand Junction, Colorado. They are an entrepreneurial family that is fond of camping and other outdoor activities.

Taylor attended Colorado Mesa University, where she studied mass communication. She began her entrepreneurial journey right after her graduation.

On the other hand, Ron is an inventor. Kobe is born deaf and is the youngest of them all. He has a degree in anthropology from the University of Northern Colorado.

As a camping enthusiast, Ron realized that campers have to carry a lot of things with them. This inspired him to come up with a solution. He designed nine prototypes before creating Tailgate N Go. It is an outdoor box, containing everything that one might need for cooking outdoors. For example: cutting boards, food compartments, knife holders, storage nets, and more.

He established the business in 2018, with the help of his kids. He invested a large sum of money from his savings to make his dream come true. Ron designed two more variants and sold about 100 units in less than two years.

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1. How is Tailgate n go doing after Shark Tank?

Following their successful episode on Shark Tank, Tailgate N Go went on to get featured on one of the update segments on the show, which announced that they had a licensing agreement with the NFL. Although much wasn’t disclosed about the current state of the business, what we can confirm is that the business is still in action.

2. What is the revenue of Tailgate and go?

According to the latest available information across multiple media sites, it is believed that Tailgate N Go has an estimated annual revenue of under $5 million. There’s no accurate information available around the same yet.

3. How much did Tailgate N Go make after Shark Tank?

Although the company turned down Kevin O’Leary’s deal, they took up Matt Higgins’s deal of 20% equity for $250,000 with additional $50 royalty per unit until the loan is paid off. Just after Shark Tank, the company made around $400,000 in sales.

4. How did Tailgate N Go fare during Covid-19?

Although the company had a good start to its sales after Shark Tank, things took an eventual tumble during the Covid-19 pandemic. They weren’t able to reach their sales target during that period, which hit the business quite badly.

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