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Andrei Jikh’s Latest Net Worth in 2023




Andrei Jikh Net Worth

Andrei Jikh is a personal finance YouTuber with a net worth of $2 million. The content mainly covers investing, money saving and cryptocurrencies. He has created a spreadsheet to track his dividend income from stock market investments and openly share how he generates income.

Andrei is the son of a Russian Cirque Du Soleil circus performer who migrated to the USA when he was 9 years old and based the family in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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Andrei Jikh’s YouTube channel has more than 700,000 subscribers to date and has garnered over 100 million views. Before becoming a YouTube star, he was working in a startup company that taught magic to people. This is the reason why magic is an important aspect in his videos. He created a new form of magic entertainment called cardistry. He quit his job and turned his full attention to running a YouTube channel to create passive income.

One of the reasons why Andrei Jikh is focused on finance is because his parents were bad with money. They just spent their money on anything and used credit, which inspired Jikh to learn everything he could about finance. There were tough times when they couldn’t pay basic bills and Jikh had enough of the situation, switching from magic to entrepreneurship.

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Andrei Jikh also features his girlfriend Corrie (who is in the event planning industry) on his YouTube channel. Being a finance channel, Jikh gets a higher than average CPM compared to other regular channels. The ads that appear on the channel earn him an estimated $840,000 per year or $2,300 per day.

Andrei Jikh also earns income through sponsorships from companies like SquareSpace, WeBull and others. His $200,000 investment in the stock market earns dividend income. He tracks this and shows through a spreadsheet presentation in his channel. Patreon also gives him a good source of income of around $200,000.

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Another form of investment that Andrei Jikh has lately been interested in is in cryptocurrency. He revealed through his YouTube channel in November 2020, in the middle of the crypto bull run, that he invested $100,000 to buy Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH). Currently his cryptocurrency holdings are worth $600,000. This fluctuates wildly because of the volatility of Bitcoin. 

But Andrei Jikh, instead of just holding crypto, he puts the coins into BlockFi, an online crypto lending platform. It gives clients like Jikh earnings of up to 8.6% per year. Jikh likes to use BlockFi because behind it are some of the biggest crypto industry players like Coinbase and Winklevoss Capital.

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1. What does Andrei Jikh do?

Andrei Jikh is a popular social media influencer and YouTuber who draws most of his income from the videos and the content he posts online. His popularity is all thanks to his unique magic tricks, which garnered a dedicated fanbase of over 5+ million subscribers.

2. What do we know about the early life of Andrei Jikh?

Although there isn’t much about Jikh’s early life, it is believed that he immigrated with his parents from Russia when he was nine years old. Back then, his father acquired a job at Cirque du Soleil. However, being immigrants, the family went through rough periods, especially being deep in debt.

3. Where has Andrei Jikh invested in?

Andrei Jikh has generated multiple sources of income for himself and has also invested in multiple places, including real estate, cryptocurrencies, stocks, etc. You can find more about his finances and investment guide on his YouTube channel where he breaks them down in detail.

4. Does Andrei Jikh make personal finance videos?

Although Jikh is mostly known for his magic trick videos, which have garnered a lot of fame online, the YouTuber is equally popular for his finance content. All of these videos garner millions of views each day and month.

5. How much money does Andrei Jikh make?

While we know that Andrei Jikh has a net worth of close to 5 million dollars, it is difficult to pinpoint how much he makes out of one video or even a rough estimate of what he earns monthly. This is mainly because he has multiple sources of income, including his investments in cryptocurrency.

6. How did Andrei Jikh make his money?

Andrei Jikh is known for his YouTube career that he has grown exponentially. While that contributes to a big part of his income, you can’t deny the fact that most of his other income sources are variable. This includes revenue from online courses, affiliate marketing, merchandise, ad revenue, etc.

7. Is Andrei Jikh a magician?

Jikh isn’t an actual magician if that’s what you were wondering. However, he has a tagline of “Magic of Finance”, which often leaves people confused. That said, his YouTube channel mainly focuses on helping you manage your finances like magic and planning your future better.

8. Is Andrei Jikh married?

Andrei Jikh has managed to keep his private life away from his very public persona. So, there’s no way of knowing if he’s married or dating anyone at the moment.

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