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Sidemen Net Worth in 2022 – How Much Each Member is Worth!




Sidemen Net Worth

The Sidemen is a British YouTube channel with a net worth of £10 million as of 2021. Consisting of seven members (JJ Olatunji, Simon Minter, Ethan Payne, Tobi Brown, Vik Barn, Josh Bradley and Harry Lewis) the Sidemen have built a massive following from uploading commentary videos, vlogs and fun challenges. Considering there’s so many in the group it’s interesting to breakdown how they make money and how much they’re worth individually.

Main Sources of Income:

  • Merchandise Sales – they pull in about £1.5 million to £2 million in sales per year with their clothing store.
  • Sponsorship deals – giving their impressive viewing figures well-known brands are eager to collaborate with them to drive sales. Depending on the type of promotion they can easily earn six figures for a sponsorship deal. This is common for people who have a large fan base. Working with GS-JJ is a great channel for this. Embed their products such as custom pins, and PVC Patches into the content. Then gain revenue that way.

  • Youtube Adsense – those annoying ads that appear before and during videos can earn you a nice chunk of change. According to they earn somewhere between £126,400 to £2 million per year.

It’s estimated the Sideman channel makes about £5 million per year and that money has to be split up among all of the members. According to, KSI gets the largest share of the profits but the other guys are still making about £200,000 each.

Outside of running the Sidemen channel most of the guys also have their own YouTube channels to earn extra money. In the UK, information on how much they make can be found through their companies financial results on Companies House. Based on this data and with some extra research we calculated the net worth of each member.

KSI – £15 million

KSI, the superstar of the group is a money-making machine and was one of the first commentary channels to hit the big time. Over the years he’s got into acting, rapping and boxing to help his bank balance. His win over Logan Paul helps maintain his status as one of the richest YouTubers in the UK.

Simon Minter – £8 million

The tallest of the group, Simon earns through sponsorship deals and has a property company.

Vik Barn – £6 million

Vik makes 95% of his money through brand deals but is also a property investor, owning about £450,000 worth of real estate.

Josh Bradley – £2 million 

Harry Lewis – £2 million

Ethan Payne – £1.5 million

Tobi Brown – £1.2 million

The main overriding thing that I take from looking at their wealth, is how incredibly successful they have become from just YouTube alone. Let’s not forget that all of these guys are still in their 20’s and killing it. People might slag them off online but they’re the ones laughing all the way to the bank!